Publicly Funded Arts Company Hosts Anti UKIP Show

Jonny & The Baptists, made up of BBC comedians Jonny Donahoe and Paddy Gerver, have launched an anti UKIP ‘tour’  which plans to: ‘take on Nigel Farage’s “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”‘ via the medium of musical comedy.

Whilst the idea that BBC comedians have any impact on the popularity of Farage’s party is laughable, the laughter must stop when it comes to the company behind them. The Royal Exchange theatre which is a registered charity has:

“an annual turnover of c7.5m. 64% is earned income through our box office, corporate support, trusts and foundations and other trading income. 36% is investment from public funding sources”

That’s right, a registered charity, which receives substantial public funding, is getting involved with an anti UKIP tour, which learned friends tell us may be “ever so slightly naughty”. Establishment attacks are what UKIP thrive on, so I can’t see Mr Farage having any sleepless nights over this one…


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