Quechua and Archos team up, announcing a new rugged Android phone



Quechua, an outdoor specialist creating camping, mountaineering and skiing gear, has teamed up with electronics company Archos to announce a rugged smartphone designed to face the elements.

The “Quechua Phone”  has been built to withstand weather such as rain, snow, along with sand, mud, the cold and the occasional drop – proving to be a competitor for Samsung’s Galaxy Extreme.

As well as this, the Android smartphone sports a 5- inch display, 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor, 4GB of internal storage (which isn’t the best), a 5MP camera and 3500mAh battery.

There’s currently no word on a UK word just yet, but what we have learnt is that it’ll be a mid-range handset costing around 230 euros – translating into a healthy sum of 190 quid.


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