Queen Dissolves Parliament: General Election Begins!

David Cameron has just been to Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen to Dissolve Parliament and signal the official start of the General Election.

From this point on there is technically no Parliament and there are no MPs till May 8th, the day after the General Election.

Dissolving Parliament is one of the few official powers that the Queen still has, although she may only do it on the request of the sitting Prime Minister. She will also advise the leader of the Party with the largest number of seats after the General Election to form a government.

It is also important to note from this point on new rules regarding the use of social media in elections are in force. MPs seeking reelection are not allowed to call themselves MPs on their websites, Facebook Pages or Twitter Feeds. If you do spot any MPs who have broken the rules, feel free to send us a screenshot on Twitter @Backbencher.



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