Rape Gangs: The Scale of the Problem

A few nights ago on This Week, Andrew Neil said “Rochdale. Rotherham. Oxford. Now, Telford. Everybody knows what I’m talking about. Why is this so widespread? And if it’s been revealed in these towns, it must, I would suggest, still be happening in other places in this country, to our national shame.” He’s right, it has been happening all over the country and it is a national shame.

The abuse is widespread and has been happening for years, in London child sex crimes are up by 30%. Thus, to understand the issue better, I have curated together a collection of news stories from recent years showing the full scale of the problem. It is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination, there are still victims yet to come forward, cases that we aren’t aware of yet and investigations/trials still ongoing.

The table below serves only as a preliminary view of the sheer size of the issue. I have ignored cases such as the BBC sex abuse, Jersey child abuse investigation, Kincora Boys’ Home, North-Wales child abuse scandal, Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry, Sexual abuse scandal in the English Benedictine Congregation and the Football sexual abuse scandal because these involved institutions rather than victims picked off the streets.

Where data is unknown or I haven’t been able to locate it, I have used “-” to express this.

*Many victims reported being passed around so could not give accurate numbers of perpetrators.

**The issue here is that perpetrators may be identified but the so-called Justice System does nothing about them.

***In some cases, the total number of victims could not be found so using estimate of minimum victims. Also, not all of the estimated number of potential victims came forward for the trial.

The cases listed above all detail groups of rapists searching for and raping children. Some cases are individual children who were raped by a group for a sustained period of time, some are small groups of people raping a number of children and others are the massive rape gangs that seem to grow to dominate towns and cities.

The problem is as gargantuan as it is potent. In the months January to June 2014, a minimum of 488 victims were estimated in Birmingham alone and, according to the assessment, that number is still a “significant underestimate”.

These cases, occurring predominantly in the last 10-15 years, show that a minimum of four-and-a-half-thousand children have suffered at the hands of over a thousand abusers. What good is a society that cannot protect its children?

I would now remark on a noticeable trend in the demographics of the perpetrators, however, considering Britain’s radically authoritarian hate-crime laws, I do not wish to risk facing the tougher prison sentences the CPS have threatened us with. I shall let our dear readers come to their own conclusions.


Andrew Neil is right to call this a national shame. What’s worse is we as a nation are asphyxiating ourselves so as not to potentially offend the perpetrators. It is disgraceful.

Sources for the cases can be found here.



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