Reasons People Stay in Unhappy Relationships

    We can spend years looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. When we land a person who seems like the one, we finally feel fulfilled and happy. Even if some unpleasant things happen in our relationships, some of us don’t want to admit that we made the wrong choice. While some people decide to save their relationship even if it makes them miserable, others have the guts to end this poisonous relationship and start looking for the one that will make them happy. Many men and women complain that they infinitely end up with the wrong person. In order to understand why you’re so unlucky, you should be aware of the common reasons why people enter into a relationship. Those reasons will also give you the answer to the question why many people don’t walk away from the negative relationships. Thanks to our friends, Russian girls online, for providing us with these charming ideas.


    The fear of loneliness
    Very often our fears prevent us from getting what we want. We are afraid of something new because we dread to fail. We decide to keep everything to ourselves because we’re afraid people will not understand us. In terms of relationships, fear is a kind of incentive that pushes many people to find somebody. First, people are afraid of staying lonely, so they rush into a relationship. Then, when they realize they landed the wrong person, they are afraid to leave that person simply because they think they will not find anybody else. If you’re not happy with your partner but you fear to break up with them, analyze your relationship, weigh all pros and cons, and make a final decision.


    Low self-esteem
    Unconfident people are waiting for a miraculous encounter that will change their life for the better. Many women think that if they start a relationship with a man, it will immediately compensate for their lack of confidence. They will no longer have to explain why they’re single. Additionally, their partner will take care of everything. However, it has an opposite effect. If a man sees that a woman doesn’t know her own worth, he starts to treat her poorly. And she puts up with it because she doesn’t want to be lonely and insecure again. As a result, she ends up in a poisonous relationship.


    Feeling incomplete
    This reason is consonant with the previous one. There is a theory that each of us will become complete only after we find our “missing part” – our partner. Some people (often with low self-esteem) think that they will become happy only being in a relationship. Their dating experiences are often unsuccessful because their eyes give them away. Their desperate desire to find love is clearly visible in their eyes and it always makes them look pathetic in the eyes of their partners. You should remember that no one can fill up your inner emptiness but you. Once you feel integral, you’ll start attracting the right people.


    Although today 30-year-old singles are not considered too old for a relationship, still there is some pressure from the outside. Sometimes scrolling through your feed replete with the happy faces of your married friends, you feel an irresistible urge to find your life partner as soon as possible. The decision to enter into a long-term relationship can’t be hasty. You can’t marry the first-comer just to make it on time (before you’re stigmatized as a confirmed bachelor/bachelorette). If you rush things, you’ll have to face the consequences.


    It’s not the rare case when people stay in an unhealthy relationship simply out of pity. It’s a very bad feeling that ruins not only the one who pities but mostly the one who is pitied. The “weak” partner feels that strain and distance that exist in their couple but keeps holding on to this relationship. The “strong” partner should decide what will be better for their couple – keep living in pretense or cut this cord and free both of them.


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