Remainers will use anything to undermine the referendum vote

On the 23rd June 2016, The UK voted 52-48% to leave the European Union.

With nearly a year to go before we Leave and enter the transitional deal, it seems some people still think it won’t happen and that there is a chance we will end up staying in the EU.

Remainers will argue and say anything to undermine the referendum and try and keep us in the EU. Ever since the vote, remainers have always claimed that voters didn’t know what they were voting for, we were cheated, the referendum is only advisory and not binding and that the majority wasn’t enough for us to leave the EU.

I am clear, while I was unsure about what the end goal of Brexit would look like, I voted to leave the bureaucratic European Union, the Single Market and the Customs Union. Like many others, I took the chance that the UK could be better off if we open up to the rest of the world. Back then, I did not think Leave would win but I still wanted to take the chance.

Since the vote, any chance that any remainer gets to discredit the vote or people who vote leave, they take. The latest claim is that the ‘Vote Leave’ Campaign broke election spending by funnelling funds into another organisation that was connected to ‘Vote Leave’.

The Liberal Democrats and their “Exit from Brexit” campaign argue these claims mean that the British people were cheated and lied to and we should obviously have another referendum to overturn the 2016 referendum.

Tom Brake MP, the Party’s Brexit Spokesperson stated to Sky News: “We need to confirm to the British People, who believe in fair play, if they were cheated in that referendum campaign”. This again amounts to their claim that the public were misled about Brexit. Of course, it all comes back to their attempts to disrespect the will of the people and the result. He goes on to say “I think that would help to build further steam behind a vote on the deal”.

What the Liberal Democrats and remainers forget is that 52 per cent of people voted for this, and any of these claims would have surely not swayed the vote of hundreds of thousands of people on the basis of any internal wrongdoings of the Leave campaigns.  They also forget that the Cameron Government pumped £9million into their campaign, I think that amounts to cheating the British people!

Of course, disrespecting the result of the referendum is the only thing the Liberal Democrats can do. They are clearly the most Pro-EU mainstream party and this is their niche, trying to win over the 48 per cent.

They also forget that over 85 per cent of voters in 2017 voted for parties that will ensure the UK will leave the European Union. Both Labour and the Conservatives promised in their manifesto to leave European Union, as per the referendum result and not to hold a second referendum. These 85 per cent of voters clearly respect the referendum and want us to move on with the result. That leaves the potential Lib Dem votes to under 15 per cent of people. With the polls currently showing the Lib Dems on 7-8 per cent, it seems like they can only convince half the core pro-EU, “Exit from Brexit”, “#FBPE” voters to vote for them.

What is shows is that thankfully most of the voters in the UK accept the referendum result, do not want another referendum and want us to just get on with the job of leaving the European Union.


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