REVEALED: Key Corbyn aid compared police officers to dumb animals

Jeremy Corbyn, especially since the recent terror attacks in London and Manchester, has claimed to be a big fan of the police. Such a big fan in fact that Labour pledged to recruit another 10,000 police officers, and attacked the reduction in police numbers which has happened under the Conservatives.

So it’s interesting to note that not all of Corbyn’s team have always been this supportive. In 2012 Andrew Murray, who headed up Corbyn’s campaign team during the recent General Election, mocked serving police officers by comparing their intellect unfavourably with that of horses. During a speech on democracy he commented that ‘it’s bad enough being a Metropolitan Police horse being forced to charge at demonstrations and ferry less intelligent species around the capital than you’.

Corbyn election aid Andrew Murray speaking in 2012. The clip mocking police officers starts at 10:30. 

This is the same Andrew Murray, who used to work as Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey’s Chief of Staff, who has previously defended Stalin and expressed support for the North Korean Government.

Labour wants us to believe it’s now the friend of our police but, considering the past comments by those close to the Labour leader, can these claims really be taken seriously?


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