Revealed: The Outrageous Demands from NUS Women’s Conference

What do the Abolition of Prisons, Collectivised Standard Wages and promotion of “Disruptive Direct Action” have in common? No it’s not the Annual meeting of the British Communist Party… It’s a list of motions being proposed by the NUS at their Women’s conference this week!


Get Paid for not Working

Let’s take a peek at Motion 302 on their radical agenda… The Introduction of a “Universal Basic Income” paid for by the Taxpayer. This motion is proposing that everyone from street cleaner to top city lawyer be paid exactly the same, regardless of how hard they work. It also seems to treat owning a mobile phone and Internet access as though it’s some sort of basic human right. I’m sure that this all makes fiscal sense…

Motion 302

Adding up the total, we came to a figure just short of £1,500 per month for a person living in London.


Abolishment of Prisons

How about we have a look at their domestic agenda instead. Wouldn’t it be so much better if we just allowed Rapists and Murderers to run around free rather than sticking them in fortresses of oppression? How about we give the Yorkshire Ripper a slap on the wrist and send him on his way again. In Motion 308 the NUS Women’s conference actually endorses the closing of Britain’s prison system. And don’t worry, in the mean time we can all write letters of solidarity to those poor misunderstood criminals locked in our evil “Prison Industrial Complex”.

prisons nus women



Attack White Gay Culture 

Finally how about a little bit of homophobia to top it all off? No not a motion condemning homophobia, but a shameless attack on the Gay Community. Their reasoning for these attacks? Because white gay men benefit from “both white privilege and male privilege.”

Motion 512 a

Motion 512

These motions are clearly the first step to tearing down the patriarchy, I almost feel like clapping, but I guess I’ll have to contain my excitement and stick to feminist jazz hands.


  1. Universal Basic Income is a great idea. It isn’t even remotely proposing that everyone gets paid the same. Even a cursory read of the small section reproduced above makes that clear. So why lie? All it does is ensure (in a far more effective and efficient way than our current welfare system) that everyone has the basic minimum required. There is no reason why it could not be the policy of every major political party. Of course there would be differences as to the appropriate level, etc, but it is the best and simplest way of delivering what they all already sign up to (a basic level below which no-one should fall).

    Actually, there is a reason no politician touches it. It requires a bit of thought and time to get your head round it. We get the politicians and the economy we deserve, and pity the fool that tries to launch a sensible but un-intuitive policy that will make our country better but is easy pickings for someone wanting to slag you off and look clever.

  2. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! If leftist nitwit women ruled the world there would be no world left to rule after 48 hours.

  3. Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant.

    The Month Phyton Team should have a statue of pure gold, ‘Twice life size ‘. We can then worship at the image of the Great Prophets.
    For they Truely are the Prophets of our great God Marx….

    Marx…lord of death….master of murder….maggot of malevolence. …

  4. I am truly stunned at this. “White gay men often assert that they are “strong black women” or have an “inner black woman” “? Anyway, are not the famous “jazz hands” a form of cultural appropriation, too?

    On Left and Right alike (although the Loony Right is almost never ridiculed, despite having vastly more power), these things settle down into upper-middle-class London, thus into the media, and thus into politics, in that order. By no means always, in either case, along predictable party lines.

    We need far more commentators from beyond such circles. And we need to hear far more of the politicians from beyond such circles, be they local councillors, or be they those 19 out of 20 MPs whose existence is ignored.


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