REVEALED: UK Communist parties celebrate Corbyn gains

In a sign of how far to the left Labour has moved the party’s gains in Thursday’s General Election, which saw the party advance by 32 seats, have been warmly welcomed by both of the UK’s main communist parties.

In a statement published online Robert Griffiths, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain, claimed that as a result of the election ‘Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership have been vindicated’ and ‘so, too, has the emphasis placed by the Communist Party on the role of mass struggle and class politics’.

Robert Griffiths, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain.

Meanwhile the rival Communist Party of Great Britain (PCC) posted online that they ‘welcome Labour’s strong showing’ and claimed that it provides a ‘platform’ to move Labour further to the left, creating a ‘genuinely socialist and internationalist party’. They call for ‘all partisans of the working class’ to ‘fight for such a transformation’.

Both the Communist Party of Great Britain (PCC) and the Communist Party of Britain are derived from the Communist Party of Great Britain (1920-1991), a group that defended Stalin’s reputation during the famines and purges of the 1930s, and which received substantial Russian funding during the Cold War.

That Labour is now being supported by Communist Parties, who advance an ideology responsible for tens of millions of deaths, shows just how far the party has moved under its present leadership.


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