Revealed: UKIP leader paid £1,500 by racist ex-girlfriend

UKIP leader Henry Bolton has been paid £1,500 by racist ex-girlfriend Jo Marney according to, well, Jo Marney herself. Yesterday evening at 21:03 Marney, who was expelled from UKIP for racist remarks aimed at Meghan Markle, Tweeted that she had “just transferred Henry 1500 of my money”. The Tweet was deleted shortly afterwards (our screen shot is from 21:04). The Tweet was made in the context of an argument between Marney and a number of other Twitter users about her relationship with  Henry Bolton, and thus the ‘Henry’ she refers to is clearly the UKIP leader.

So if Bolton really did break-up with Marney over her racist remarks, as he claims, why is he receiving money from her? And is Bolton’s financial situation really so dire that he needs her support? Certainly plenty for UKIP members to discuss during the Emergency General Meeting into Bolton’s leadership later this month.

We weren’t the only ones to notice the disappearance of one of Marney’s Tweets (see below):


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