Rumour: Apple Developing 13-Inch ‘iPad Maxi’

Following the strong launch of Apple’s latest iPad Air, rumours have surfaced the tech giant is planning on diversifying its range past the Air and Mini variants of its tablet. New reports suggest Apple are looking at adding a new larger iPad to its line, dubbed the ‘iPad Maxi’.

The report comes from China’s PadNews, who claim Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner, has been testing iPads with screens larger than the 9.7-inch ones currently used in the iPad Air. A display size of either 11.4- or 12.9-inches is rumoured, and with the tablet said to be “in an advanced stage of testing” it could potentially see a release in March 2014.

The new information follows similar reports from earlier this year; the Wall Street Journal back in July reported Apple were testing tablets with displays around 13-inches. Rumours like this are common however when it comes to Apple products, and do not always come true. It would be wise remain skeptical regarding this new rumour, which could simply be speculation. Regardless, we will be keeping an eye on Apple over the next few months and update you on any new information that surfaces.


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