Science Museum becomes latest target of censorious gender warriors

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Green Party would have an awful lot to worry about at the moment, and a hell of a lot of work to do. There are important issues out there – climate change, FGM, Black Lives Matter, Brexit. But apparently, when you’ve only got one seat in parliament there are more urgent matters to deal with.

Last week Sarah Cope, the Green Party’s equalities spokesperson demanded that the Science Museum close a tongue-in-cheek exhibition which invited young visitors to determine whether they had a male or female brain by answering questions such as this:


Is it possible to imagine anything less important? Anything less serious? Anything less likely to have an effect on decisions made by young people than some crappy and boring interactive exhibition you get dragged around as an eight year old?

Not if you are a modern intersectional feminist of the gender is a social construct ilk apparently. Cope said “The idea of gendered brains is dubious science at best, and this kind of sexism – telling girls at a young age that they have feminine brains – is part of the reason why boys still dominate STEM subjects and less than 10% of engineers in the UK are women.” Cope, however, offers no explanation as to why women are more likely to choose STEM fields in many less ‘gender-equal’ countries than they are in Scandinavia – arguably the most ‘equal’ part of the world.

Of course, the museum has agreed to ‘review’ the exhibition, because it appears ‘outdated’. They also explain the idea is for the display to be ‘tongue in cheek and provocative’. It is very unfortunate that they have to do this, given that the exhibition itself is so obviously just a bit of fun; it contains ‘silly voices akin to a Pathé news reel’ for crying out loud – but then again it’s part of the modern feminist fight to have absolute control over what can and cannot be considered funny so maybe we shouldn’t be particularly surprised.

Of course, this represents only the latest in a string of incidents that when taken together form something much more ominous; any suggestion that humans are a sexually dimorphic species cannot and will not be tolerated by these groups and must be sent down the memory hole forthwith. Even when this fact is quite obvious to anyone with eyes, the quest to deny reality must go on and on:


It is not infrequent for people who want to look at the biological aspects of sexuality and gender in Europe to be denied funding and accused of eugenics and Nazism. Despite the fact that scientists who look at brain differences tend to be happy to admit that there is an interplay between nature and nurture, those on the other side of the debate do not seem to return the favour, arguing that it is morally wrong even to look into this question and characterising opposing science as little more than a modern offshoot of 19th century phrenology.

The suggestion that there are any brain differences between the genders is particularly sacrilegious, and merits a Salem-1692-style crying out. As Anne Campbell explains in the brilliant documentary Brainwashing, even the physical differences between men and women are a result of the production of hormones and peptides which themselves are orchestrated by the brain. But reality does not matter to these people – they seek only to propagate their ideology. In this priceless BBC program, when asked why she is so opposed to the idea that a person can be born gay, Julie Bindel quite literally states that if she were to admit that genes can determine gender behaviour it would render the whole feminist theory and project useless, and feminists might as well give up.

So, despite the evidence that gender differences are at least partly rooted in biology the battle for hearts and minds continues. Think of the language used to describe transgressions such as this exhibition – ‘wrong’ ‘outdated’ ‘harmful’. The objective is clear – remove any nuance from the discussion. The justification for this is obviously the protection of women and girls:


Comment on the Science Museum’s website

The Science Museum’s capitulation is so heartbreaking not because the exhibition was important, but because it appears to validate the argument that there are no differences between male and female brains. The Museum is right about one thing though – the exhibition is dated. Not because there’s anything wrong with it but because we now live in a time when any discussion of sex and gender outside of a feminist framework must take place behind closed doors.


  1. If I ever need brain surgery, I will be sure to make certain that the surgeon is not a feminist; I would hate to have somebody poking around inside my skull who doesn’t understand the structure of my brain.


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