SNP Weighing Up Banning Washing Machines

Nicola Sturgeon

The Scottish Government is deliberating over proposals to remove high energy using appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers, reports The Sunday Post.

The “Making things Last” proposals, which are based on “moving away from product ownership” and towards a “shared economy”, voice that a pay-per wash remit would be more efficient for the environment because of the poor environmental specifications some home washer units can have.

Citizens would frequent public laundrettes to wash and dry their clothes because of the argued shared environmental benefits of doing so.

This is the latest in a series of steps that the SNP government has shown its willingness and ability to produce clenched fist policies. Scottish Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone criticised the new idea by arguing: “It’s bad enough the Scottish Government wants to appoint every child a state guardian and tell landowners what to do with their land.

“Now it seems the Big Brother mentality is creeping into how people wash their clothes and secure toys for their children.

“The public would far rather see ministers focusing on issues that really matter, like growing the economy and making the streets safer, instead of nonsensical recommendations such as this.”

The proposals are in line with the European Union’s motive to significantly reduce European emissions from home appliances, as well as further targets to reduce pollution across the continent by 2020. How this policy will be received, especially by those who may not have easy access to launderettes or already have environmentally friendly appliances, is yet to be seen.


  1. This will make the owners of laundrets very rich, (I thought the SNP line was to help the poorest in our communities). I am old enough to remember the laundrets of the sixties, breakdowns of washing machines and dryers, charges going up, poorest people in society not washing that much. This is going back in time not forward. If they really are serious about energy saving then subsidise the poorest in our communities to buy the better machines.

  2. Utter bullshit, the Scottish Government is working on proposals for a more efficient economy, and one example is moving towards lease rather than purchase arrangements to incentivise manufacturers to extend the working life of their products. Quote:

    “In the longer-term this could mean major shifts away from product ownership,
    to greater leasing or service-based models, for example paying a washing machine
    or dishwasher provider ‘per wash’ rather than actually owning the appliances.
    Service providers would have a clear incentive to maximise the lifetime of their
    products, making them more reliable, easier to repair and remanufacture.”

    Washing machines are just an example, and nobody is mooting a ban on washing machines whatsoever. Your article is just a bunch of blatant lies. “Classical Liberal” or Daily Mail-esque bullshit merchant?


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