Luciana Berger In UCATT Office Scandal

Luciana Berger, the Shadow Minister of Climate Change, uses her taxpayer funded office allowance to hire offices from UCATT, the Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians. Since Ms Berger’s election in May 2010, UCATT have donated £78,750 to the Labour Party, and £5,000 to Ed Miliband. Berger’s publicly funded office allowance is being swivelled back into Labour’s coffers.

ucatt payment to labour
List of donations sent from UCATT to the Labour Party and Ed Miliband. For full details search ‘UCATT’ here

UCATT, an affiliated Labour Trade Union, is viewed as an organisation with significant lobbying power. Ms Berger’s relationship with the Trade Union does not appear to be illegal but it does raise question marks over political party funding, especially if other Labour MPs are founding following suit.

Could you imagine the outrage if this was being done by an Ashcroft backed Tory?


  1. And how about the Tory party members, who get paid taxpayer money and give the companies that they are board members of, preferential treatment when it comes to awarding contracts? G4S and ATOS to name two.

  2. How many more Labour MPs are doing this? Someone should contact the Labour Party and demand they make a statement disclosing this Public have the right to know.

  3. When I worked at a county council several of my colleagues were proud Labour donors. The state funds all political parties, with varying degrees of separation. What Luciana Berger is doing is probably not illegal but quite immoral. Business as usual then!


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