Six Rebuttals to the American gun-owning libertarian from a British gun owner

  1. But it’s in the Constitution!

When that document was written a new nation had been formed on the basis that the British Army had repressed them as an arm of the state by enforcing taxation without representation. Worried about the ramifications of a standing army but knowing that there was a practical need for defence of the newly formed nation, the Founding Fathers enshrined personal arms ownership as a compromise. Either a well-armed citizenry or a military, not both.

2. What if someone breaks into my house?

Most burglars just want your television and jewellery; let them take it and then claim it back on your home insurance. That way you don’t have a death on your conscience! Also, maybe solve some of the contributing factors towards high crime rates like poverty, drug use and broken families.

3. What if the government becomes tyrannical?

The U.S. military is the single most expensive military on the planet, helped by 9/11 which, after a post-cold war lull in military spending, justified boosting it right back up again! They have bases all around the world, nuclear weapons, drones, the list goes on. Even if all firearms owners clubbed together, you would stand zero chance. Period.

4. Blunt objects like hammers cause more deaths than guns! Do we need hammer control?

You don’t hear of a disgruntled former pupil popping into his former high school and hammering ten high school kids to death, do you? Good gun policy is good people policy. There are legitimate uses for both hammers and guns. Guns, however, give you a range and capacity that hammers do not. Again, solve the root causes of violence in the community.

5. Ban assault weapons!

What is that? You need to be sure otherwise the gun manufacturers with their lawyers and expertise will take you for a ride and will find an inventive way around. What are the specifics of that policy? If it’s a buyback programme, is that really a good use of taxpayer money? How will taking a semi-automatic .22 rifle from a father who just wants to have fun at the range with his kid help stop mass shooting events?

6. Ban the AR-15!

This is an extremely popular semi-automatic .223 centre-fire rifle. It is also completely useless until a human starts pulling the trigger. By all means, regulate the type of people who can buy and own one but blaming the rifle itself for shootings is like blaming a car every time someone kills another whilst driving under the influence.

Three things are needed to make a gun fire: the firearm itself, the ammunition, and the person. Sensible gun policy, therefore, will be a mixture of all three but it is people control that the U.S. lacks! If you can’t be trusted to drive sober, why should you be trusted with a firearm?


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