SNP MSPs Expense Nearly £5k More On Average Than Other Major Parties

SNP MSPs, when compared to other major Scottish Parties, charge the taxpayer more on average by nearly £5,000 in expenses, The Backbencher’s data team can exclusively reveal.

Data collated from 2018/19 shows that on average SNP politicians in Scotland billed the taxpayer £4,867.01 in expenses (per head) more than Scottish Conservative and Scottish Labour MSPs. The data presented includes the likes of expensive Edinburgh hotel stays for SNP MSPs we have previously reported on.

The figures show that taxpayers forked out an expenses bill worth £1,667,031.02 for 2018/19 for 61 SNP MSPs, meaning that SNP MSP’s average expenses per head were £27,328.37.

On average per head expenses figures, Scottish Labour MSPs billed taxpayers £21,962.15 whereas Scottish Conservatives charged £22,960.60. The average figure per head for major opposition party MSPs for 2018/19 worked out to £22,461.38.

Individual expense claims were collated by The Backbencher from The Scottish Parliament MSP Allowances Search Database.

This article continues our thread into political expenses. Click here to see who billed the taxpayer an absolute fortune for their Westminster expenses.



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