SNP Trio Top Parliamentary Expenses List with Whopping £760K Bill

The three MPs with the highest expenses claims are all SNP politicians, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority shows.

In the 2018-19 fiscal year, Chris Law, Ian Blackford and Brendan O’Hara all claimed a combined total of over £760,000 in expenses from the UK Parliament.

Chris Law, a staunch critic of the UK’s benefit system, claimed a total of £259,866.85 in expenses, his highest expenditures being staffing (£146,057.82), travel (£41,351.79) office costs (£30,320.75) and accommodation (£23,138.77). Law previously operated a financial advice business in Dundee.

The SNP’s Leader in the Commons, Ian Blackford, claimed £256,780.73, again mainly in staffing (£149,863.38), travel (£45,533.17), office costs (£37.867.66) and accommodation (£22,775.73). Blackford previously worked as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank.

Blackford, a vocal opponent of UK austerity, also spent over £1,000 on newspapers – a far higher figure than that of his colleagues. Perhaps he should stick to free blogs like The Backbencher!

Number three on the list of big claimers is Brendan O’Hara – a successful TV producer – claiming £247,895.01. This comprised £152,925.61 on staff, £28,458.34 on accommodation (both of which are higher than his colleagues above), £44,580.17 on travel and a £21,930.89 office spend.

Are the SNP as fast and loose with governing Scotland as they are with their own expenses? Click here to find out.



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