Social Changes We Might Be Forgetting

    Due to Covid-19, we are living at a time where the headlines shout the biggest and most upsetting news, and with that it is unfortunately too easy to have other stories fall through the cracks. This means that developments that really do affect certain marginalized are not being addressed, and adds to further challenges that just puts more strain on the system. Even if they don’t affect you directly, it is essential that a healthy society makes an attempt to look out for all its citizens, and not just when it is politically convenient. Here are a few issues that are not being talked about nearly enough.

    Sexual Freedoms

    It should not be forgotten that it wasn’t that long ago that it was a real social faux pas to having any sort of non-matrimonial sexual relationship, although thanks to the sexual revolution which began in the sixties that this began to change. Not only that, but as divorce became a much more common choice to escape terrible relationship situations, people began to accept the idea that there is no problem with being more choosy about their partner, and sometimes having more than one at the same time (your open relationships).

    It is unfortunate that there is still a stigma towards escorts and prostitution, even as casual sex has skyrocketed (thanks in part to social media apps like Tinder) and no one bats much of an eye. It has become a simple matter of looking at London Escort Reviews to find your perfect companion for the night, yet there is still a dearth of protection of these workers as far as the law is concerned. Protecting them from exploitation  is protecting women from exploitation, and it must be done.

    Protecting the Library System

    Over the last few years. much of the austerity programs have hit individual wallets, but another casualty is the UK Library system. it should be noted that yes, fewer and fewer people are reading physical copies of books these days, so at first it would make sense that hundreds of them are closing. But that ignores the fact that many people use the library as much more than just a book borrowing service.

    For many smaller towns, it works much like a town square, and having fewer services and shorter hours truly affects the community more than any budget sheet would have you know. While volunteering is a wonderful and noble pursuit to keep these libraries open, it is a shame that so many locations have to rely on this because the coffers are dry. And while you can modernize these buildings and their services to make them more appealing to younger generations, that also costs money that the government doesn’t seem interested in spending.

    The people that do frequent the library are already likely to not have constant access to the internet, and so using computers there is another tool to get connected. This truly a disservice to the people who need help the most, and were using the library as a chance to get their life back together.

    Gender Equality

    One thing for certain, and that is really change comes slow, no matter how much quicker we would like to see it happen. While we have a long way to go gender equality, the advances that have been made in the UK and other Western nations is certainly something that should be celebrated. But it truly is disheartening to see that in some ways the the UK has fallen backward.

    While it seems like common sense nowadays that there should be one salary for one job, the fact that is not the case needs to be addressed in a much more serious way by the government, but also by the corporations that see the need to ‘save money’ in such a disgusting way. Setting up a task force to make a multi-year report won’t do much to solve the problem, but penalizing the companies that go out of their way to pinch pennies by giving women the short end of the stick might be the proper wake-up call.



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