Charlie-Marie Granby, 

Facebook. The very pair of sly syllables which inadvertently dance off one’s tongue on a day to day basis. Now before I begin, I shan’t lie to you, I blog, I tweet, I update my Facebook status. But who doesn’t?

However, it must be a shock for our grandparents, and to some extent, our parents to look back at the good old days and think, ‘how did we manage?’ But, this is the 21st century; I can tell you here and now, someone is just about to have a cup of tea, why? Check your newsfeed.

Due to the impact of social media being such an almighty force; it is in fact causing every sapien to hang off its every pixel. Let me elucidate here; you’re out with your friends, you’re having a great time, and… Oh. My. God. WTF, ROFL, LOL you just saw your teacher in the window – the entirety of the social party pauses in a freeze frame whilst every ‘Facebook famous’ person punches their Qwerty’s demanding a response. ‘How many likes did you get?’ ‘OMG someone who I don’t know just re-tweeted my tweet!’

On the contrary, it’s not just our generation who are frequenting social network sites; Arnold Schwarzenegger, 65 year’s old with a verified Twitter account, Alastair Stewart from ITV news is also regularly on Twitter; as is Sir Alan Sugar. My grandparents have Skype accounts and send smiley faces in texts yet they were born without knowledge of the internet and the technological literacy of today’s youth. Is this a sign that no matter what age or what era, every generation must adapt to the onslaught of social media? Or have we all succumbed to its wrath without knowing?

I think this stampede of social networking targeting the older generation and younger generations is fundamentally inferring you either learn our way or get left behind, alas, our lives depend on the constant broadcast of our every move, in case anyone gives a flying fart.

What are your thoughts? Tweet us @Backbencher or myself at @LilWallopFilm and let us know! (Use the hashtag #socialrant)



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