Sony Unveils ‘Smartwatch 2’

This morning Sony unveiled a number of new additions to its product range. Along with a new ‘phablet’, the Xperia Z Ultra, which, with its 6.7 inch screen, Sony claims to be the world’s largest smartphone, Sony announced its new Smartwatch 2.

Described as ‘A multi-functional message notification device, Android app interface and music remote’, the device has been designed to complement your smartphone. Acting as a ‘second screen’, through the Smartwatch 2 users will be able to handle phone calls, read texts and email, and control music playback.

Sony claims:

A typical smartphone user reaches for their phone many times a day to read messages, check the time, view and make social media updates, use their favourite apps, take photos, listen to music and play mobile games. SmartWatch 2 addresses this need by offering you a convenient touch screen device so you no longer need to remove your phone from your pocket or bag.

The Smarwatch 2 is Sony’s attempt to get a head-start in what is expected to soon become a crowded market. The Pebble, another smartwatch, saw its release earlier this year (although in limited supply), and a number of other technology firms, including Apple, are said to be working on their own smartwatch products.

To be launched in September, the device will offer more than 200 applications, a 1.6 inch display, near-field-communications (NFC) connectivity, and will be water-resistant. Price for the Smartwatch 2 is yet to be announced.



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