Splits Threaten Conservative Future

After Milton’s story this morning about Tory Youth Deputy Chair Sarah-Jane Sewell’s election campaign former members and supporters of her election slate have come forward to express their dissatisfaction with her.

CF NEC meeting. Who could have ignored Cooper’s Skype Call?


Milton understands that the CF NEC, which Ms Sewell is a part of, was meant to have their handover meeting before the 6th of May. This was intended to be at CF’s national conference but Sarah-Jane didn’t attend and so the meeting was postponed. Ms Sewell then took to Facebook, launching a tirade against new Chairman Oli Cooper, criticizing him for his non attendance


The meeting was re-arranged for a time when Cooper was in Moldova on Party business, with allegations the made that he was ‘snubbing’ CF.  Cooper arranged to Skype call in but sources within the NEC tell Milton his Skype call was allegedly purposefully ignored. Milton’s little birds claim that the leak of the ‘snub’ could only have come from a CF NEC member, Milton wonders whoever that could be…


Sarah-jane then hit out at Oliver Cooper on Facebook over alleged claims that a supporter of his wanted him to scrap CF women. Ms Sewell even admitted that they were ‘based on hear say [sic] and blog comments.’ Mr Cooper responded that Ms Sewell continued to ‘believe those blog comments and repeat them as publically as [she] can despite them being… completely groundless.’ Ms Sewell instantly hit back that Mr Cooper had not responded to anyone’s ‘emails, texts, phone calls, or Skypes,’ an ironic dig if there ever was one.  Sources close to Ms Sewell tell Milton these posts were later deleted so Ms Sewell did not look like the source of the leak.


Looks like there is trouble already in this new era of CF. Some things never change.


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