‘Stay the F**k Away’ Scottish Nationalists Scream at English Drivers

A group of pro-Scottish independence protestors have told people from England to “stay the f*ck away” during a protest at the border between Scotland and England.

The squad made the statement in a video that has since gone viral after it was shared by a unionist Twitter account.

In the clip, a male protestor wearing a tartan facemask and full biohazard suit issued the warning to those thinking of travelling from one part of the United Kingdom to the other.

He is also seen referring to motorists driving along the nearby motorway as “plague carriers”.

Other masked protestors were seen carrying a banner reading “Staycation [sic] Keep Scotland COVID Free”.

Calls have been made for First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, to condemn the protest, which some have viewed as being anti-English.

At time of writing, the First Minister is yet to comment.

A female protestor is also depicted in the video, crossing her fingers in a Saltire shape and declaring Scotland, “COVID free”.

Opposition politicians were quick to condemn the comments and the protest.

Borders MP John Lamont, described the group’s actions as “appalling” and was one of those calling for the First Minster to speak out.

Scottish Conservative MSP and Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Tourism, Rachael Hamilton, also condemned the group’s actions, tweeting, “It is nationalism at its worst. Scotland is meant to be a welcoming country. Do these people in masks realise that they’re telling Scottish people who live in England and work in Scotland to f*** off?”

The MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh, and Berwickshire also called for the First Minister to condemn the scenes.

Meanwhile, others appeared to support the group, including  Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP, Angus MacNeil, who joked about the group finding Scotland’s “southern border”, a jibe at Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s, recent statement that no such border exists.

Other nationalists on social media were less reserved, pointing to the ire the stunt had brought out in Scotland’s pro-UK population.

One online user said, “Looks like the yoons are raging at this. They really don’t give a stuff if our infection levels increase, more die and our efforts are for nothing as long as the WM [sic]”

The row is the latest spat between unionists and nationalists over the handling of COVID-19 in Scotland and across the UK following the different policy decisions make at Holyrood and Westminster.

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