The Fetid Stench of State Corruption

It’s all coming undone. Anyone looking at news reports could be forgiven for thinking they’d woken up in the arrivals hall at Lagos airport and picked up a local newspaper. Corrupt Police, Media barons in court on alleged bribery of Police, Police cover ups of racist murders in return for brown envelopes stuffed with cash, endless Politicians caught thieving from the horrifically abused public purse, endless aborted investigations into well connected and VIP pederasts. What a pretty sight our society has become – steeped in filth, abuse and corruption and still we mutter and grumble over our cornflakes whilst our masters decide whether to tax the sugar in our tea, lest our bloated carcasses become a drain on the ever more intrusive and controlling State they have created for themselves.

Wherever you find easy money, you will find corruption – the State being the largest recipient of our money, it is no surprise to find theft on a truly industrial scale. From the knowing winks, nods and handshakes of the Met’s finest to the scurrying corporate lobbyist snakes scuttling through Westminster in search of paid influence over the laws we are forced to live under, our entire society is now up for sale to the highest bidders. I find myself in begrudging agreement with the Grauniad’s new 12 year old columnist when he demands the utter destruction of our entire Police Force and the rebuilding of something not dissimilar to the original 9 Peelian Principles of Policing.

What happened? How did we suddenly wake up in East Germany circa. 1979? Before you accuse me of more “right wing ranting rhetoric”, let’s have a quick look at where we actually are:

· Police spies initiating personal relationships with political activists to report back to Central Command
· Police spying on citizens who dare question the honesty of the Police
· All our Emails, texts, phone calls and Emails grabbed by the State
· APNR, CCTV, DNA databases to log all our movements
· Thousands of Police Officers with criminal records
· Social Media users sent to prison
· Future Crime Initiatives, curfews, stop and search, ASBOs
· Fit ups of Government Ministers to suit Political Agendas of unelected bodies

This list goes on and on. Our Police are infested by vested interest groups keen to support any agenda that promotes their power over us – is this what you voted for? As the Internet grows, transparency is beginning to unearth the plethora of abuse inflicted upon us, the citizen, by those sworn under oath to serve and protect us. Coupled with the power of the Judiciary and the legislators, we have become overpowered by those who claim to work in our best interests – and plenty is at stake. A quick look at the breathtaking wealth stolen by Ukraine’s now ousted Oligarchs demonstrates that when you have the law on your side and can manipulate it to your advantage, the rewards are very big indeed.

And still, on May 7th 2015, they will beg us to authorize more of the same. More corruption, more deceit, more theft, more lies and empty promises, more wars, more intrusion, more laws, more restrictions on our freedoms: and guess what? You’ll vote again for the “one party” state, hoping that something will change. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it won’t. Another generation of oily Oxbridge PPE students are already queuing round the block to get their hands on some of that lovely power and all that wealth – beautifully gift wrapped in the cloak of no responsibility. Whilst Kim Jong Un proudly proclaims 100% turnouts and unanimous support for his one candidate elections, our pseudo democracy is no better. How do we remove a corrupt MP or Police Chief? How do we prosecute a Pederast Minister when the very same people we seek to hold to account control every single step to justice? The rabbit hole currently opening up (due not to the benevolence of the State, but in spite of it) goes very, very deep indeed and we will sit back in utter amazement at the outright audacity of the mechanisms used to inflict compliance upon us before blindly marching off to the polling booth for another half decade of the same – as long as Arsenal win the cup, eh?

It is no longer left or right or up or down. It’s us versus them – the sooner we all start to realise that awful truth, the sooner we can set about building a society around us that serves us, and not the murderous greed of the Press, Parliament, the Police or Politicians. After all, if the genetically compliant East Germans can manage it, so can we. Jetzt geht’s LOS.


  1. Stunningly good.
    One of the best articles I have ever read.
    You should keep this and re-post it every year, with annotations on how things change or don’t change.
    The rest of us should take a couple of your points, never too many at a time because listeners get fatigued, and drop them into conversations. Repeatedly.
    What else can we do to restore justice? I don’t really know.
    But thank you for this article.


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