Summer 2013: Top Tech Gadgets

By Ola Hoffmann.

With summer already here, everyone is gearing up for summer festivals, holidays, escapades and adventures. How can you take the advantage of your brand new smartphone? Here are some ideas for handy gadgets that will help you get the most out of your phone during the summer months.


Grace Digital Eco Extreme

With this gadget you can enjoy music anywhere. It is fully waterproof (IPX7 approved) and compatible with almost any device, including iPhones, smartphones, mp3 players and iPods. Since it is stays afloat on top of the water, you never have to worry about damaging any of your electronics.

Eco Extreme









The inside case has special compartments for all your essentials, such as phone, keys, credit cards, passport etc. Its great feature is the battery life, which lasts up to 30hrs on average volume and can be easily replaced by 3 AAA batteries. Additional clip allows you to attach it anywhere you need, while the availability in various colours lets you stand out from the crowd.

Price: 46-50 GBP

Available from: AMAZON


XD Design Solar Window Charger

XD Design have taken care of your worries of hunting for a plug when your phone is dying. With the XD Design Solar Window Charger, you can charge your phone anywhere. Special window attachment makes the device even more efficient. It has both big and small USB outputs and 1400mAh rechargeable lithium battery.  With a light weight and small size, the Solar Window Charger is very portable, making it a useful accessory in case of emergency. Moreover, you can stay fashionable and green in the same time!

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 14.02.45

Price: 46 GBP/49.95 EUR

Available from: Design 3000, AMAZON


Waterbuoy Floating Keychain

If you already equipped yourself with a waterproof case for your phone or tablet, this can be a great addition to secure it even more. Waterbuoy floating keychain keeps your phone on the surface when you drop it in the water. It immediately opens a mini buoy to show you where to find it and stays up for at least 24hrs. Additionally, it has a flashing led light activated in the night. A capacity to hold up to 1kg, compact size, and an affordable price – all you need not to stress about drowning your keys, phone or even a tablet!


Price: 8-10 GBP

Available from:  Marine Direct



It’s a brand new project which will start shipping in winter 2013/2014. The idea is simple. First you attach (you can either attach, drop or stick it) a ‘tile’ – a small plastic square – to the item you would like to mark, e.g. wallet, keys or even a bike. Then you download the Tile app onto your phone. Whenever you need to find your stuff, you launch the app, which saves the last known location of the tile, so that you can go there directly.


The main advantages the Tile brings is definitely the scale of the project with many potential users; if a marked product with a tile is reported as stolen through the Tile app, the whole community is notified and can help you actively look for it. There is also no need for battery replacement, and a built-in speaker that will help direct you to your lost things. However, it is only compatible with Apple products right now (although there are  plans to expand the compatibility to Android devices in the future) and is quite pricey. Additionally, a single Tile lasts only for a year and then needs to be replaced by a new one.

Price: from 18.95 USD / 1 tile to 170.55 USD / 12 tiles

Available from: Pre-order only for Winter 2013

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