Survation Poll Shows Lead for Brexit


New Shock Poll says 51% want to Leave EU

A new poll conducted by Survation and The Mail on Sunday shows that 51% would vote to leave the EU on Britain’s In/Out referendum.

It asked: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?*” (*still to be made law in the government’s forthcoming Referendum Bill)

Remain a member of the European Union – 40%

Leave the European Union – 43%

Undecided – 17%

Excluding undecided voters, the results were:

Leave the European Union 51%*

Remain a member of the European Union 49%*

This is the first time that the Eurosceptics have found themselves on the winning side of the results table since November 2014. In June earlier this year for example, Survation found that 54% would vote to stay within the supranational structure and only 45% would leave.

This represents a seismic shift in what the public want from Britain’s relationship with the European Union. However, the pollsters admit that this result is within the margin of error, and they stress that this is just one poll’s findings but nevertheless, the result gives the Out campaign a +6 lead since the previous findings.

Voters have been swayed by the migrant crisis from North Africa and the effect it has on the European Union, as 22% of “remain voters” indicate that they “might vote to leave the European Union” should the situation deteriorate and 11% admitted they did not know how it would affect their vote.

Arguments which could propel Brexit’s potential even further could focus on British security within what is quickly becoming a troubled continent due to the expansion of terrorism throughout the world, the growth of ISIS, and the effects on Europe via a war-torn Syria.


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