TBG Hits Back At Cooper

Milton was sent this email from TBG following the comments made by Oliver Cooper on the website’s aims


Hi Milton,

First of all TBG would like to thank the CF Chairman, Oliver Cooper, for the publicity he has given theblueguerilla.co.uk on the Backbencher this morning.

It seems as if it’s difficult for the CF Chairman to get his head around the fact TBG has no agenda and just reports on what has been received in it’s inbox via CF members with regards to Conservative Future. Of course CF is not all TBG reports on. TBG is a news-site, not a megaphone for the Conservative Party or any other Party.

TBG about section states, theblueguerilla is an independent website not affiliated with any political parties or persons.

If we receive positive or mischievous news from YI or UKIP and not CF then that can only be a PR problem at the top of CF itself – Something that never existed under Ben Howlett’s Chairmanship whom always offered TBG positive coverage and tipped us off to the positive work of others.

Howlett and even Michael Rock before him, recognised the fact that TBG exists and could be used it to their advantage. If YI Chairman Rob Comley is running a slicker PR exercise than Oliver Cooper & his agenda, then who’s to blame for that? In fact what even is the CF Chairman’s agenda? We can only speculate due to radio silence from Cooper.

But, while the CF Chairman should be feeding media positivity about CF and his work whilst attacking UKIP and their intolerant policies and claims of “libertarianism” & their destructive influences on the Tory Party, he attacks a news-site. It seems a very misguided and confused act. Recently it’s been left to those at KCL to defend young Tories and attack UKIP.

Every single piece of CF news TBG has gone out purposely to get about CF has in fact been positive, via our Q&A with CF representatives nationwide. TBG approached Cooper again just last week for positive coverage on his work. We we’re rather rudely ignored.

Cooper will talk to a news-site in Milton Spies who have run particularly spiteful stories against the CF Deputy Sarah-Jane Sewell – something TBG has actually never done, that’s run a spiteful piece on any CF member – no offence Milton as you’re a journalist and used your sources just like the rest of them, but Cooper’s reasoning & leadership now clearly seems inconsistent and on dodgy territory.

Kind Regards,


Milton notes that TBG has admitted to not being a conservative website, diminishing previous claims to be a ‘CF blog’. It is clear that their interests do not include the smooth running of CF given the spike in hits they experience from disrupting it


  1. I am not always on Cooper’s side but can we just accept that he is right here. Tbg is a second rate blog at best. It just seeks to cause trouble and get cheap hits sensationally revealing nothing. It was fully behind anti cooper attacks during the elections something people are quick to forget. SJ has been annoying so many CFers its her own fault that people start complaining. Oli is right to boycott tbg its nothing but trouble


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