The Archangel Jeremy

Just when Great Britain is on the cusp of epochal rejuvenation, British politics has become tedious. The same rumors are recycled day after day; the same stories circulate hour after hour. Mrs May’s minority government muddles along; and though many commentators have been indolently predicting her imminent demise, her ultimate triumph – and therewith the triumph of Britain – still seems a more likely possibility. It is astonishing indeed that one impediment to Mrs May’s triumph is not a possible economic calamity or byzantine Brexit negotiations: the single greatest threat to her now is an old man in a hurry, Jeremy Corbyn. In normal circumstances he would be have been dismissed as an absurd little figure, but our rather abnormal politics has made him into the Archangel. The Archangel espouses loyalty mostly in the very young and the very old; and they all behave as if they belong to an obscure occult. Assured of the righteousness of their faith, they see their leader as one descending to the earth, with halo around his head, resurrecting the old cause once more. His victory over the Labour Party was, for these oculists, a chiliastic moment; his defeat to the Tory Party was somehow a success because the Archangel at least managed to miss the arrow of defeat; the Archangel’s survival on the opposition benches will be seen as the evidence of the trueness of his dogma; and his death will be his martyrdom.

However heretical the Leftists may pretend to be, they are nauseatingly dogmatic. Their ideology is their dogma, and those who deny the dogma are deemed to be wicked creatures unworthy of redemption. One tormented German philosopher by the name of Karl Löwith – beware Corbynites, he was a Jew – had noted this eschatological spirit present in the Leftist, especially Marxist, thought. There is to be an epochal contest between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, between Good and Evil: the victory of the former over the latter will lead to the heaven on earth. Marxism continues to survive precisely because of its messianic tones: the proletariat are, after all, the chosen people.

Communist theorist and activist Karl Marx 

No occult can survive without propaganda; and all occults propagate their beliefs through those members who are either naïve or those who are knaves. It is rather difficult to know as to who are naïve and who are knaves within today’s British Left. First there is Seumas Milne, an incurable Marxist, who closely advices the Archangel when he is not busy defending Putin and Chavez or justifying Al-Qaeda and Hamas. Then there are the likes of Diane Abbott and John MacDonnell: a deceitful duo so spurred by their socialistic dogma that they would more than happy to see the entire kingdom destroyed so long as the dogma has been consummated in reality. Politicians have always excelled in the art of knavery; but the real tragedy of today’s British Left is revealed most in their journalism. We need not even look at the conspiracy-peddling websites as The Canary or Morning Star to see the Left at its lowest; still less need we remind ourselves that Ken Livingston recently claimed that the Venezuelan socialism is failing because the regime has been too spineless in its slaughter of the bourgeoisie. When The Guardian is not publishing yet another ill-written piece by Paul Mason, it is sanctioning Owen Jones to perpetuate his puerile politics. Owen Jones at least, let us be fair, is not a knave like Paul Mason. Jones undoubtedly belongs to the ‘naïve’ category. Jones reminds me of those very well-intentioned political revolutionaries of the days of yore, the kind of revolutionaries who become the first victim of the revolutions they helped succeed. Finally we have the likes of Polly Toynbee, Kevin Maguire and now even John McTernan: their recent conversion to Corbynite policies vindicates that faith often forces the faithless to be fickle. 

Whether knaves or naïve, these oculists feel powerful. They are fists are folded, and they are ready for a fight. They are convinced, not unreasonably, that they can attain power. The Archangel has again emplaced those absurd creeds into the British political discourse which have been disproved repeatedly. However euphonious the ideals of socialism and statism may be seem, they are remain erroneous. They have failed everywhere they have been practiced; they have only brought suffering to the soul and poverty to the purses. Facts, alas, are almost always discarded for feelings.

Jeremy Corbyn alongside Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell 

Democracies fail when citizens become credulous. We cannot deny that the electorate found the Archangel’s bile and bunkum somewhat attractive; his political superlatives were uncritically accepted; his lies, like forgiving the student debt, have been quickly forgiven. The Archangel still portrays himself as a victim of concerned assault. Like many an occult, the Corbynites consider themselves to be under threat. That they, with the help countless many hyper-politicised predators online, harass and threaten their rivals is ignored. The Archangel flies away in piteous rage, seeing himself as a victim, perennially perused because of his faith. The Archangel ignores that the scrutiny to which is subjected, he has incurred. His stances, from his support the tyrannous socialistic regimes to his sympathy for political extremists, show the immaturity of his mind. Yet the Archangel and his disciples evade the subject: when discussing the failure of socialism in Venezuela, they cravenly turn to the subject of Saudi Arabia. Even their elision is erroneous, for not a single conservative has ever suggested that Britain become Saudi whereas socialists often titillated themselves with the thought of implementing the Venezuelan model onto Britain. Oh, but let us hush, let us not criticise socialism: the Archangel will make heaven on earth.

I doubt whether the Archangel knows those haunting words of Hölderlin:  ‘What has always made the state a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven’.


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