The blogging generation

Taylor McGraa, 

We are now scarily in the second month of 2013 and the blogosphere is taking the online world by storm. And yes, blogosphere is a real word because my iPad autocorrects it for me.

Back the early noughties blogging was sparked with a touch of excitement by a bored Perez Hiton who decided he wanted to gossip to an online audience about celebrities. His scandalous posts that made his viewers “ooh” and “ahh” soon allowed his site to go viral, and now he is one of our most renowned celeb twitter addicts.

In the past couple of years, the variety of blogs has had an immense growth spurt; from art to politics, cooking, fashion and beauty, anything goes in the blogosphere. Personally, I have been mostly involved with blogs of the fashion and beauty community. However, despite reading blogs heavily based on this nature, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a macaroon recipe thrown in the mix somewhere. But hey, that’s the great thing about blogging; it’s your own humble little space online where you can share your thoughts and photographs on anything that tickles your fancy.

Since the blogging community has grown, so has wider industries interest in it too. For the past 3 years, Cosmopolitan magazine has held an annual Cosmo Blog Awards in which the best of the bunch are nominated and voted for to win various awards such as Best New Blogger and Best Fashion Blogger. Events as such has transformed blogging into a whole new industry of itself. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that the notion of a free pastime being converted into a type of serious business as such is rather cool.

Nowadays, blogging is not just slapped under the category of a hobby, but is equally a day job and a career for people such as FaceHunter, a travelling street fashion photographer, and Zoella, a twenty something year old earning her bread by creating blog posts about her monthly beauty favourites, amongst other girly things. Perfect job or what?

Other magazines have also been making a rather big thing of blogging recently, including Company Magazine who dedicated their whole January issue on the Super Bloggers and even held a Blogging Forum to coincide, in which their everyday readers and blog fanatics could learn the tricks of the trade from the blogging experts themselves.

This my friends, is the bloggers generation, and I urge anybody with a creative bone, (or not), in their body to get themselves a domain and get writing. Think of it as an online portfolio which you can hand make into the golden ticket to your perfect vocation. Even by just reading blogs, you can experience a whole bunch of new things through the eyes, or most often the camera lens of another, making you more culturally aware about what the world and the people in it has to offer us. There’s a whole blogging society and industry waiting out there, so jump on the bandwagon before it leaves without you.


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