The Brexit Fallout: The Deepening Age Divide

Forget class war; age war is fast becoming the new reality of modern life. The grey-haired mob, who have voted continually for austerity in their own self-interest and for whom spitting on the grave of progress as they did yet again in June 2016 is becoming a hobby once more have shown their true colours. As of the 1st July, a Yougov poll revealed that 61% of Brexit voters would be happy to see the British economy take ‘significant damage’ as a result of Brexit, with the figure rising to 71% for over 65 Brexit voters. This view only acts to deepen the already growing and ever enlarging gulf between old and young and it is not difficult to see why. With 51% of those surveyed Brexit voters over 65 happy to see family members loose their jobs through Brexit, why shouldn’t those of us in work, who by the grace of nature were born in more recent times be angry with our supposedly benevolent and ‘caring’ grey-haired companions? And before anyone says its only 51%, 51.89% was enough to destroy this countries prosperity: a majority is a majority remember… But if ever anyone needed evidence of the actual ideology and mentality of our aging generations, this is surly it. What it tells us is that their motivations for dragging so many millions of us out of the European Union had little to nothing to do with what was best for the economy or their families, children or grandchildren but, and I stress that this is only my personal opinion, on a warped and Daily Mail infused view of European migrants and immigration ‘concerns’.

‘They are coming over here and taking our jobs, using our NHS and taking benefits out of the system’. Sound familiar? I have no doubt we all heard this sort of argument, the motive I identified above, at sometime during the Brexit campaign. This poll confirms that these lies won the day. Our over 65 companions were either too ignorant or too naïve to see the truth; with this poll, I am temped to say it was more the former than the latter. They are taking our jobs hey? Would those be the jobs our esteemed older-generations just voted to disappear and not exist out of shear petty-vanity? Their, and I have no shame in saying this, idiocy and selfishness is almost unbelievable and in some senses comic, particularly when it is coupled alongside the resentment they hold for young people who have turned to Jeremy Corbyn for change.

‘I don’t understand why young people are angry’ and ‘why are they voting for Corbyn?’ are but two of their most common conundrums. But isn’t the answer obvious? It is the sentiments displayed in the Yougov poll and more widely that have angered so many and caused them to turn to a new source of hope; to vote for the helping hand over the iron fist. It is their action in limiting young-people’s options which has caused them to turn to a ‘different kind of politics’. Indeed, many in the older-generations seem to view the younger members of society who voted Labour in June as some sort of fifth-column fighting against their interests. I have two points to make on this. First, of course we are going to fight your interests when they are so diametrically opposed to those both of young people and the nations prosperity for decades to come. Second, the real fifth-column is not young people, but our older counterparts, who’s actions against our economy, nation, future and prosperity amount to what can only be seen as an attack on the very thing we call ‘British-ness’: but that is a debate for another day.

Finally, I will say this. People may say that I shouldn’t be writing things like this; that it only makes the situation regarding the age divide worse and that I and others should ‘calm down’ and ‘accept the result’. But I say rubbish. If there is one group which has created these issues it is the older generations, not the likes of me reacting to their lunacy. The complete and utter apathy for the rest of us which they have shown in the referendum vote and in polls since is the cause; their lack of sympathy and indeed of interest in the problems they have created is characteristic of a group mentality whose overriding ideology is ‘as long as I’m fine that’s all that matters’. They are quite happy to ignore the fires burning away the bridges that are the futures of young people and have the temerity to continually squeal at us about ‘accepting the result’. But mark my words, when they can’t travel to Spain or Greece for their bi-yearly holidays, or they can’t get health insurance because of pre-existing health conditions or suddenly find food prices are hurting their comfortable living style, then they will start to complain. And when they look around for someone to blame, the rest of society will hold up a mirror and shall celebrate the fact that our delusional associates will have realised the truth: ‘The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance; he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked’.


  1. I find it extraordinary how the “younsters” of today can complain about the referendum result when only 36% of those between the ages of
    18-24 voted. It is funny that you can all find the time to demonstrate and protest
    your frustrations outside parliament, but not find the time to get yourselves
    to the ballot box. Which by the way you managed to do in the recent election,
    voting for the one unfounded policy of free university tuition, to pay for your
    worthless media degrees. Now who is voting for as your say ‘self-interest’? One
    could argue the ‘grey haired mob’ have more of a right to vote than you do,
    they after all have paid more into the system which you seek to exploit for
    your university fees that (let’s be honest) will probably never paid back. This
    is coupled with the fact that many of the older voters experienced a bankrupted
    Britain of the 70’s an era my father lived through and remembers only as a time
    economic crisis and decline. The EU referendum result was democracy in action,
    and the reason why we appear to be having trouble in Brexit negotiations is because you “remoaners” including Mr Cameron though the referendum was a foregone conclusion and the country would not dare to vote for Brexit. You say the vote to leave has destroyed the countries prosperity? The pound is weaker yes, I
    give you that, however manufacturing and trade is up, we have had more tourists
    come the U.K. as a result and Heathrow alone has experienced a 4% increase in
    flights all of whom have people who want to spend their money here or do
    business with us. Business will not leave the UK for France simply because their industry is unionised to the hilt spending more days in strike than almost any other European country, and the French work less hours per week than we here in the U.K. Only a few days ago it was announced that America has a trade deal ready to be signed the day we formally leave the EU along with at least 11 other countries. The future is not as bleak as you would like us to believe, dry your eyes and chin up, democracy has spoken and we are about to leave the European Union. The young had their chance to vote and didn’t.


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