The British problem with love

Taylor McGraa,

Love eh? Corny, cringey love?!

Well…that’s what most of the British youth seem to be crying out today.

What I have noticed in the past twelve months is that young people seem to have become increasingly aware of the invisible ‘cringe line’ that they should never dare to cross. Ever.

The low down appears to be this:

You pursue a relationship with someone? Cool. You reply to their Facebook wall post with a couple of ‘xo’s on the end. Not cool.

But when did this all happen?

I remember, back in the day, when Yugio Cards were all the range and you still had to use a pencil to write with. I remember specifically that A) We always played kiss chase and B) If you had a boyfriend, you were the kid on the playground. Now if you played kiss chase, you’d be classified as a desperate slut; but that’s another story.

Anyway, my point is, when did this quietly innocent interpretation of relationships turn into making chunder gestures at a couple kissing in ASDA? When did we little adolescents decide that to be the Hip of the Ster, you need to be either playing the field or treating your boyfriend with sarcastic bro-mantic punching-of-the-arm gestures?


I feel like the main reason for this stems from society’s on-going debate over public displays of affection. I know personally, when I am out with both my friends and my boyfriend, if he approaches me to give me an affectionate hug, instead of enjoying it, I am instantly aware of everyone around me and questioning if they are giving me ‘the eye’. You know the one, the eye with one eyebrow raised that asks, ‘what the hell are you doing?’

Yes, I agree, behind every good relationship is a great friendship, in which you don’t have to suck on each other’s faces constantly to have fun. But indeed, it has become a crime to even want to suck each other’s face; in the nicest possible way. And I don’t like it.

Segregation is one of humanity’s biggest hitches, and we don’t need another type of segregation between young people that are in and out of love. Can we not just accept what each other want in life and have a good time?

Once again, this isn’t just about how the youth of today look at love. It seems to actually be stemming from judging each other and image paranoia. This just got a whole lot more serious.


What do you think? Let me know your opinions @honestlytaylor or @thebackbencher.


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