The Clueless People — UK Uncut


We have seen many protests against the cuts from the Left in the first two and half years of this government, from teaching unions to underground workers’ unions, they all seem to hate this ‘harsh economic plan’ from Mr Osborne. Mr Osborne’s idea is another, possible future, article, but for now I will focus on these barbaric marches from the Left. They claim to be standing up for the poor, fighting for freedom and rights, when all they are doing is putting their heads further into the sand.

Yesterday, we saw the most pathetic and ludicrous attempt to make multi-national corporations pay their ‘fair share’ of tax. This was the ultimate low. Led by UK Uncut, a Marxist organisation claiming to show an alternative to the cuts, they blocked over 40 Starbucks shops across Britain from trading by parading around with their banners and flags. UK Uncut’s actions were supposed to force Starbucks to pay up for their low corporation tax return, but what they really did was terrorise innocent low-paid workers from working, putting their jobs on the line, when one of their fundamental points is standing up for these ‘99%’ of the population. The organisation’s stupidity is shown not only in their actions yesterday, but their organisation as a whole. All they have done is shown up their silly organisation, showing that all they desire is some casual protesting, when instead the people of UK Uncut should be trying to support their communities through more positive actions than making loud noises with flares and banners.

The workers of Starbucks are not the ones not paying their taxes, they are the ones out on the weekend working to try and support their families, doing their bit in the economic recovery. What bit is UK Uncut doing? It comes to me as a shock that they believe attacking the small outlets of Starbucks will somehow force Starbucks to pay extra tax. At the end of the day, Starbucks have done nothing wrong in this situation, they have paid their legal requirement and have merely played the system. If the system is floored by being too complicated and inefficient then that is a different thing all together, maybe UK Uncut should focus on a new tax system which is fair and clear instead of their petty protests.

This barbaric organisation claims to show that there is an alternative to the cuts, but seeing as they are run by trade union officials who know less about economics than a primary school pupil, I don’t think their ideas are going to be credited. All UK Uncut have done is shown that the austerity and the efficiency saving are needed, not more borrowing and more debt. Highlighting ‘bad points’ of George Osborne’s economic plan such as raising corporation tax shows how clueless they are.




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