The contribution of the casino setting in cinema

The casino setting is often used as a focal point for many dramatic exchanges and high-tension moments in film. With each table being the host for a game of chance, the audience find themselves waiting with baited breath for the outcome of both the game, and the protagonist’s struggle.

Because of this use of the casino setting, it can be argued that the gaming location has become an integral part of the action-packed films that we know and love. Join us as we analyse the use of the casino, where you’ll find the top gaming scenes and where the true casino experience is not quite like the movies.

The effects of the casino setting

One of the most obvious effects of placing the protagonist of any film at the casino is undoubtedly the added layer of pressure that the game of chance supplies. In many movies, the casino features in the climax of the plot, driving the main source of action.

For example, in the iconic James Bond film Casino Royale,the Poker table features heavily in Bond’s showdown against his enemies. 007 sits across from three eagle-eyed players, demonstrating the act of bluffing. A great addition to any theatrical scene, this is where a player acts as if they’re already holding the winning hand, regardless of what’s actually on their cards. The idea is to make your opponents fold or make a needlessly risky decision in an attempt to outsmart you. This adds tension to any cinematic masterpiece – showing just one reason why Bond regularly ends up facing his nemesis over a gaming table.

Movie myths debunked

Whilst the casino setting has many positive contributions to the world of film, it can also perpetuate some damaging myths.

  1. Casinos are all run by shady gangs or the mafia

This is something that occurs a lot in films – perhaps drawing inspiration from the early days of casinos in Las Vegas, that were dominated by mobs, although only briefly. In recent times, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Casinos are now heavily regulated, with laws supporting fairness and support systems put in place to prevent excessive gameplay.

  • Card counting guarantees a win

Card counting is a practice that is often shown in the movies, namely in Rain Man to show the power of the protagonist’s super computer brain. Card counting involves counting how many of each card are dealt throughout the game, and using this information to predict what comes next – therefore influencing your decisions within the game. This strategy is frowned upon in most casinos, although not illegal unless an external device or helper is used. However, this is not a guaranteed method and is quite unlikely to bag you that win as the decks are regularly shuffled to ensure that all gameplay is fair.

Bring the casino into your home

Watching those classic casino scenes can often put us in the mood for a little flutter of our own – and thanks to online casinos, we can do just that without having to leave our homes. Another great thing about playing online, is that it eliminates outside influences, such as bluffing and card counting. When you play here, you don’t have to be like Bond and worry about who you’ll have to face off against at the gaming tables. Save the high-tension games for the professionals!

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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