The Croydon Ducking Stool – How Matthew Doyle was Prosecuted by a Rabid Mob


Once again, into the breach goes your free-speech hero. You’ll all have been made aware of a man in Croydon who decided to tweet his indignation of the Brussels terrorist atrocity last week, committed, yes, in the name of Islam. A simple enough tweet, one of around 58 million sent in the UK alone, not threatening, not abusive and not targeted at an individual. A tweet that simply sought to find any reason or logic as to why, in the name of Islam, anyone would feel that destroying the lives of (current death toll) 32 innocent people was what a fictitious deity would require from his followers.

Not particularly eloquent or witty, not beautifully crafted or poignant, as most of mine are, but a harmless tweet designed to highlight his justifiable outrage at an atrocity.

What followed is and remains simply Orwellian.

Firstly, the twitter lynch mob decided they had a new scapegoat and a focus for their daily two minute hate – the ritual witch hunt of a fellow human deemed to have crossed an imaginary red line, self imposed in the minds of these modern day Twitter Stasi, a suitable victim to be sacrificed in whatever Social Justice Virtual Signalling exercise was the order of the day. A chance to prove their digital righteousness at the expense of another and the opportunity to smile slyly as another dangerous thought-crime seditionary was hauled off to the cells to face certain punishment and biblical stoning for daring to question out loud whether Jehovah liked halibut.

The author of the “offending” tweet, Matthew Doyle, a self employed PR consultant was hauled off by the Police, his flat trashed, his communication devices seized, charged with promoting hate crime and remanded in custody until he could be hailed up in front of magistrates to account for his dangerous free speech on a public forum.

Only after he had been released from hospital (!) did anybody bother to mention that the Police have no power to charge anyone under Section 19 Public Order offences, let alone remand them and make them face public trial. Mr Doyle, as I write, is currently in hiding, in fear of his life from yes, you guessed it, radical Islamists, his home address now public and planning to take the Metropolitan Police to the cleaners (in reality, the settlement will be paid by you and I, the Police have no money of their own – other than their pension funds) for gross abuse of his basic human rights. Personally, I hope he can comfortably retire on the proceeds and emigrates to a free country where he cannot be prosecuted for writing his thoughts in 140 character bite sized chunks – any ex Communist bloc country will do, their police are not interested and their public would not sanction it – they remember a time when they too had to think one thing silently and speak an entirely different opinion publicly to appease the Political Gods who monitored every minutiae of their miserable existences – OldHolbornistan is rather nice, by the way.

He was arrested because the police have decided that perceived transgressions of free thought or speech and the recognised public narrative are not to be tolerated. They could have checked with the CPS who would have quite rightly told them that no crime had been committed, they could have invited him for interview and a cup of tea or they could have simply ignored the pack of rabid Social Justice Warrior hounds baying his blood but the grip of power and the fear of Political Correctness is now so ingrained in what used to be a Public Service that they joined the rabid lynch mob in the hope of winning popularity and praise and proudly wearing the badge of “#ZeroTolerance”.

I’d like to remind them that “Zero Tolerance” is exactly what three Islamist psychopaths showed when they walked into Brussels airport last week and violently ended the lives of 32 innocent people. Zero tolerance is what killed a Glasgow shopkeeper last week as a fanatical Islamist travelled from Bradford to Glasgow to punish him for wishing those of other faiths a happy religious holiday. Zero Tolerance is what the free world fears most about Islamists and all religious fundamentalism. If you are going to practice zero tolerance to fight zero tolerance, you have joined forces with your enemies against reason, logic and humanity.

Perhaps it is time that our police returned to serving the entire public, not just the loudest cuckoos in the nest. Perhaps our police should be forced to personally foot the expensive legal bills that will follow (and always do when human rights are abused) from their own pockets, rather than yours or mine and perhaps we should know the names of the charging officers who made the unlawful decision to place Matthew Doyle in the modern equivalent of the ducking stool to appease a rabid mob intent on silencing any form of dissent.

Matthew Doyle at the hands of the Metropolitan Police


  1. With all the hate laws on the books I’m surprised anyone believes that the UK has free speech. My problem isn’t with what he said, but the fact he confesses to have physically accosted a woman and in the UK we should be free from having to put up with that. As for the issues of free speech itself, until the UK removes those ridiculous hate speech laws then they have accepted that free speech does not exist and therefore he was fairly arrested

  2. Free speech exists only in the sense that there is no upfront fee for making your views known to others Speech does,however, incur a cost if it disrespects the self appointed guardians of the correct beliefs currently in force.


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