Disney to end hand-drawn animations

Charlie Granby,

Everyone at some stage in their life has had the profound joy of watching a classic Disney film. It all began with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which was supposedly the make-or-break of Walt Disney’s career. Animation at Disney’s Animation Studios brought a revolution of filmmaking which changed the way we experience films even today. Snow_white_1937_trailer_screenshot_(2)

So why do we want to change this?

It has been reported that Disney is scrapping the traditional 2D hand-drawn animations in order to use new-technology and create computer animated films. Hang on… Don’t they do that at Pixar? Pixar Animation Studios is the head honcho when it comes to digitally animated films, and with its ties at Disney, surely we don’t need another studio doing the same job when they’re linked anyway? A question which may be asked by many is have Disney considered the audience response to this? Perhaps not as much as they should have. Since 10% of the population are unable to see in 3D on a day to day basis, they won’t be able to watch the planned new-wave of Disney films. Thus leaving Disney at a slight disadvantage and minor shortage of viewers.


The main issue however is reportedly money and repetitive story lines. Disney simply aren’t pulling in the pounds that they want compared to Pixar. The Princess and the Frog made a meagre £178 million in the Box Office, whilst Pixar’s Tangled trumped the Frog by bringing a whopping $590 million home from the Box Office!

Whether this will benefit Disney in the long-run is difficult to say, however it is safe to say that while everyone, including myself loves Disney and will do until the end, there will be a lot of disappointed fans who have grown up watching the Disney classics in awe and excitement, which have now been lost to the Digital Age.

The hand-drawn images from the original films add so much character to them, the amount of hours that go into making each one, that someone spend days on end drawing each and every still, it will all be lost. To become a part of fondly remembered history. Technology advances may have their advantages and their uses but when it comes to Disney, traditional is best. It’s the end of an era, technology has won.


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