The EU makes the Queen’s Speech meaningless


The Queen’s speech is meant to tell us what new laws to expect. But wasn’t something missing?

Many of the new laws we’ll be subject to this year weren’t announced yesterday, or included in any manifesto, or voted on by the British people. Instead, they’ll be made behind closed doors in Brussels.

The State Opening is meant to be the day Parliament asserts its authority. When the door is slammed on Black Rod, it’s supposed to show Britain’s laws are made by the people’s elected representatives. The message is that sovereignty resides with the Queen in Parliament.

Except, in reality, it doesn’t. Our laws aren’t all made by people we elect. Our Supreme Court isn’t actually supreme. Our democracy is subservient to EU law and EU courts.

Today, a large proportion of our laws are written by unelected bureaucrats at the European Commission – people no one ever elected. They’re rubber-stamped by MEPs – people few voters even recognise, let alone cast ballots for. They’re signed off by the Council of Ministers – where the UK has opposed 72 laws, and been outvoted every single time.

What happens if Parliament’s law conflicts with the EU’s? Ours can be struck down in court by unelected judges. Until we joined the EU, that was constitutionally impossible.

Four centuries ago, Britain fought a civil war over the right of Parliament to make our laws and set our taxes. Then, people saw that surrendering that right was a licence for tyranny. Yet, since 1975, we have given it up willingly to the EU.

Nothing to worry about? Rule by unaccountable Euro elites isn’t always benign. Just ask the Greeks.

The EU makes yesterday’s ceremony meaningless. There’s no longer substance behind the ritual. Beneath the pomp and circumstance, Parliament is powerless.

Surrendering sovereignty isn’t safe. Our rights, our freedom, and our security depend on our democracy. Want to keep them? Vote Leave, and take back control.

This blog post was originally published on, and has been reproduced here with the author’s permission.


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