The EU – no different to the Star Wars Sith Empire

Today, I was watching Star Wars Phantom Menace, and postulated on twitter that the EU seemed incredibly similar to the complex Governmental structures in the Star Wars Universe.

Well Richard Harrington @harrington1451 managed to sum this idea up in a great blog post on his site (original here


For those of you who may have read my old blog, you may remember I compared the British Government to the Star Wars Empire and Alliance. Well, for this, I must apologise. There was an oversight which I must explain. You see, I failed to take into account the EU – the true Sith Empire. Let me explain and give you a run of the cast.

Back in the days when a few people believed in the Senate (or EU parliament), there was a figure called Senator Palpatine (played by Jose Manuel Barroso), who became elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic in order to save their own planet (or Country – Portugal namely). However, they were also the last. You see, not long after coming into power, they started to put forward plans to form a Galactic army, whose sole purpose was the ‘protection’ of their citizens. In order to get more power, they begin to pass legislation voting emergency powers to help them through difficult times which they promise to hand back after the emergency situation (Barroso will do this to ‘save’ the EU from economic collapse and put armed forces in countries such as Greece and Italy to prevent their pulling out of his Empire…I mean Union).

And, even worse, all the puppets in the Senate will continue to vote further powers to them, regardless of the views of their citizens (Mr Cameron springs to mind. Promises a referendum on further power transfers, but finds a way to give further powers under different names). Eventually, they desolve the Senate and declare their Empire (or Federation, as Barroso has told everybody he now wants).

However, do not despair, for it is not all bad. We have all seen the Star Wars series. Throughout the Galaxy there are individuals willing to rebel and stand up for the rights of the citizens who wish to be free. In Star Wars – they are the Jedi. In the EU, they are the politicians who see the EU for what it is and do all they can to stand up and make their voices heard both in the EU parliament and ensure the balance is restored. Now, I for one am not in any way trying to compare, for instance, Nigel Farage to Luke Skywalker (I’ll leave you to do that), but what I am saying is that, no matter how bad things may appear to get on the surface, just by looking slightly outside the circle (of the Big Three), there is another group who are willing to stand up for your rights. So, even when all seems lost – do not despair. There is another way Beyond the EU, a party Standing Up For The Nation. However, for them to succeed, you will need to believe.


  1. Olly, you are quite bonkers, but I love the analogy.

    …pity as I always saw myself a Grand Moff Tarkin. It’s pretty much a given I will end up looking like Peter Cushing one day.


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