The Generation of the Damned.


48 years ago, it began. Sure, after the second World War, an incoming Labour Government looked at tinkering with the education system and experimented with various formulas to educate the poor but with the focus on rebuilding a war torn economy, time was of the essence. It wasn’t until our good friend Comrade Crosland, Education Secretary in the 1964-1970 Labour Government managed to implement his vision to politicise the very existence of all children that the catastrophic decline of the nation’s intelligence began.

I’m talking about the introduction of a system designed to collectivise the IQ of an entire generation. Just as all Socialist Dictators ending up despising the academic classes, the Party of pipe smoking Wilson decided that the only way to stay in power was to control what our children were actually capable of thinking. The one size fits all “Comprehensive Education System” was to be implemented throughout our Glorious Fatherland.

stuffyouThis week, we discover that our children are now the most stupid in the developed world. Just as Mao, Stalin and Pot forced anyone who showed any intelligence to work the fields, our children are now destined to become the manual labourers of a new underclass, forever dependent on the benevolence of the Welfare State to supply their daily needs. Topped up by tax credits and housing benefit, subsisting on minimum wage and Sky Sports, a new generation of Britons are creating the Brave New World of modern Socialism. Our Fabian Feudal Overlords are now masters of a nation of beer swilling, football watching peasants, belching their entitlement to “more stuff” like mutated Oliver Twists in some Halloween Nightmare.

Just 10% of our children are not educated by the State. Those who have the means AND the intelligence can find refuge in a private education system designed to equip them for a life of opportunity. For the rest, they are added like cheap rusk to the kind of mixture that produces ASDA value sausages. The end product is a bland, tasteless mechanically recovered excuse for protein, able to sustain the very basics of nutrition but poses no threat to the great food halls of Harrods where our elites dine.

The next step in the process is to import the intelligence we are no longer able to produce ourselves – just as we now import the labour to perform the mundane tasks our home grown imbeciles are incapable and unwilling to do. What the citizen cannot do for himself, the State will grab with both hands to control, measure, regulate and tax. It is no coincidence that the dumbing down of our society goes hand in hand with the enormous growth of Government. Bleary-eyed teenage morons clutching their hip hop diplomas demand increases in minimum wage so they can afford new nylon football shirts or GTA5 games.

The goal, of course, is to make this a global movement. To ensure that World Citizens become the grey goo of the all inclusive artificial society. Totally dependent on the Governments that feed and clothe them, offering them “security” whilst eradicating any freedoms or aspirations to change it for the individual good. A global army of shuffling drones, taxed and held in bonded labour to the great Gods of consumerism and Big Government.

We have betrayed our children. Not only will they inherit our crippling debts, but won’t be allowed the means to clear them. They will remain the property of Parliament every bit as much as Medieval peasants were tied to the owner of the land they were born on. Born to serve the new class of Political overseers and show gratitude for the chance whilst being taxed and harvested at every opportunity. Now that’s something you wont see on any State Curriculum.


  1. The virtual elimination of grammar schools and then the 1997 abolition of the Assisted Places Scheme were later key steps on the road to ruin.

  2. A senior policy advisor under reagan to the US dept. of education, Charlotte Thomson, pretty much said the same thing was occurring in the US.

    For example; she is labelled a “conspiracy theorist” the point of which is to use pejorative language, from which the modern state educated peon reads and understands that this person must be a nut. People have been trained to see a word and not try to understand the substance or facts.

    A tiny amount of thought regarding the term immediately reveals EVERY wrongful human endeavor is in fact conspiracy if it includes more than one person, whether or not they are in power. The results of which we see every day. So, for example EVERY investigative policeman is a conspiracy theorist.


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