The nasty side of the ‘liberal’ left and why we need to talk about it

Nobody can deny that there has been some pretty horrible behaviour since the Brexit vote two weeks ago. There have doubtless been attacks carried out by racists made bold by the result. These actions are despicable and deserve media attention. But there’s a nasty, sinister side to the left’s reaction to what’s going on. And it’s greeted with radio silence from the mainstream media.

Admittedly, a lot of what’s going on isn’t necessarily serious but is a sign of the most appalling hypocrisy and double standards. There has been an enormous amount of behaviour that, frankly, can be described as racist and ageist:


Given that many Remain supporters seem to subscribe to ‘intersectional’ social justice theories they would probably argue that racism against white people is not possible, but surely it’s hard to deny the ageism here. Not to mention that these are often people who think that cyber violence is real and a serious threat. I assume that they think issuing death threats is ok as long as the target is a straight white man (in this case Nigel Farage):


Many Remainers claim to claim to want inclusion, love and togetherness. But why is there no media outcry when they use little children to brandish obscene material? Those on the so-called ‘inclusive’ side of the debate just seem to have a monopoly on being seen as cuddly and caring, even when they’re viciously hateful toward certain groups and individuals and are out for blood. Some even manage to look cute and cuddly while they’re doing it, such as this Momentum supporter:


But there is a dangerous, violent side to the left as well. When Lauren Southern, a Canadian libertarian journalist reported from some of Europe’s most dangerous refugee camps she was provided with security guards, whom she dismissed when she got to London because she felt safe. ‘Little did I know’, she states, ‘that the left-wing extremists in the UK would be the most violent people I encountered in Europe.’ The following video shows her being told ‘f**k off you fascist c**t’, intimidated and shoved around by hooded and masked men, and though its not filmed she alleges that one of her camera men was punched:

Where are the feminists protesting the violence and intimidation of outspoken women? Where are the no-borders enthusiasts apologising for the inhospitable treatment of a foreigner on UK soil? Most importantly, where is anyone in the mainstream media who gives a damn?

Luckily, things don’t seem to be too bad in the UK, and incidents like this are uncommon. But in the USA the behaviour of some anti-Trump demonstrators is repulsive. They have pepper sprayed little girls, beaten and bloodied men, and tolerated treatment of women that would make the internet explode under any other circumstances. Black lives matter and feminist activists also seem to feel justified in using some shocking intimidation.

This is not at all to suggest that there aren’t acts of violence carried out by Trump supporters and right-wing extremists – we know that there are. But when the media refuses to cover the other side of this ugly reality they are simply reinforcing the sense of entitlement felt by those who simply cannot suffer opinions different from their own to be expressed. As YouTuber Gad Saad argues, this stems from a kind of intellectual fascism which is grotesque and is the very definition of being illiberal.


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