The New Establishment vs. The Scottish People – SNP Guilty of Doublethink on Brexit.

‘’Doublethink’’ – noun.


The acceptance of, or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time, especially as a result of political indoctrination.


One year ago, the SNP were urging us to vote for independence – to be free of the yolk of our London overlords, ‘without the controls, mistakes, and unwanted one-size-fits-all policies of Westminster governments’ (Blair Jenkins, CEO of Yes Scotland). The SNP leader at the time Alex Salmond, famously quipped, ‘No one, absolutely no one, will do a better job of running Scotland than the people who live and work in Scotland.’ – A statement I wholly agree with.

But now, the same people and the same party are arguing that Brussels is actually better at making decisions on our behalf; that Scots in Scotland, are too wee and too daft to make it on our own.

Flip-flopping, and intellectual dishonesty is politics as usual, right? Just part of the game, isn’t it?

But in this case it’s worse because it’s both double handed and contradictory. The SNP are on one hand, posing as a pro-Independence party, while arguing at the same time that we should not be independent; and many of their supporters don’t seem to see through the scam. The same SNP who fought tooth and nail against the unionist ‘project fear’ campaign only a year ago, now feverishly back the new union’s project fear. This is the very dictionary definition of doublethink.

But the SNP aren’t the only party implicated in this insanity. As many Conservatives and Labour figureheads are also suffering from an identical cognitive dissonance. Many of these same people who passionately told us about how great it was to remain in British Union last year in the indy vote, are now arguing that it’s time for us to be independent and leave the European Union.

This is the innate logical dishonesty of the establishment parties in Scotland that I’ve witnessed for the bulk of my life: from the arrogant Scotland is a socialist country rhetoric bandied around from Labour’s ‘rotten boroughs,’ (speak for yourself!); now through to the cosy contradictions of the new Tory/SNP establishment are part of the reason myself and like minded Scots formed the Scottish Libertarian Party. I’m glad we’re not alone in wanting to look at the issues facing Scotland from an objective, logical, ‘what’s best for Scotland’ point of view, rather than the talking heads spouting doublethink and porkies.

The Scottish Libertarian Party argue, in agreement with Alex Salmond, that Scots are best equipped to run Scotland. Period. That’s what independence is about, surely? One of the most important things I’ve learned from years in business is that having ‘skin in the game’ is the best guarantee that things will go right. Scots: rich and poor, men and women, all have ‘skin in the game’ – they have a personal stake in Scotland.

The overlords in Brussels that the SNP bizarrely want to hand feudal dominion over us to do nothing. Making decisions ‘without the controls, mistakes, and unwanted one size fits all policies of an EU governments’ is precisely what we want.


  1. You can’t compare people wanting the UK to leave the EU with people who want the British Union in tag. There is such thing as British patriotism and it has been around for hundreds of years. European identity isn’t as well established.

    Otherwise a good article. I’m glad I’m not the only one to spot the hypocrisy of being anti in the UK and pro-EU.


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