The Pros and Cons of Blogging

Amy Rebair, 

Before I make any sort of decision, I always tend to write a list of the Pros and Cons of what I need to decide over. And of course, I did exactly that before starting up my own blog. Some of these things I thought prior to blogging and others I discovered through my blogging journey.


#1. I originally started blogging for fun, a new hobby, and that’s exactly what it is (unless you’re lucky enough for it to be your full-time job!). As someone who likes to write about what I’m interested in, yet never had somewhere to put said writing, a blog is perfect for that. And I continue to abide by the rule that whenever I don’t enjoy it any longer, I’ll quit.

#2. A few months into blogging, I realised how beneficial it is to my own personal skills. Time-management for one is something I’ve noticed a great improvement in. When you’re a blogger, you may prefer to have a posting structure as such, I know I do. This has led to me creating timetables and using what free time I have much more productively. It’s also improved my writing style and voice, my confidence, and knowledge in technology. (HTML, anyone?!)

#3. Through blogging, I’ve found many new friends. The blogosphere is a very welcoming community, and there’s nothing better than meeting people you have lots in common with. In journalism, pretty much everyone you speak to is a contact, and blogging is a great way of expanding on that. A great platform to ‘get yourself out there’.

#4. Another plus is the opportunities you’ll possibly be able to become involved with, especially working with various brands. Many online shops/magazines deal work with established bloggers. Company magazine, for example, recently had an issue dedicated solely to the ‘super-blogger’. There’s also a chance you’ll be asked to review certain products, interview certain people and even attend some pretty exciting events.


#1. One of the main disadvantages of having a blog, is that the world wide web can see it, and there’s no avoiding it. Having your work on show will inevitably lead to you receiving some criticism, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s ex-friends, enemies, or people with a lot of time on their hands, there’s always going to be something said about your blog. And it wasn’t until I got rid of the ‘I wonder what they think of me’ mindset, that I fully enjoyed blogging. I’ve personally learnt to turn this into a positive however, the outside world isn’t always so forgiving and kind. Blogging has definitely turned me into a much thicker-skinned person because of the abuse.

#2. Blogging can either make or break someone’s confidence. I’ve found myself comparing my blog to many other ‘famous’ blogs, only weeks after beginning my own, wondering why it hasn’t got as many followers as some of them do. It takes time and quite often, a lot of patience. Don’t get yourself down about it!

#3. Once you’ve got that audience, there’s always a chance you’ll feel a pressure to post as often as you can, to try and keep up with other blogs out there and keep people reading. It’s sometimes difficult to write article after article, even if you don’t think it’s ‘good enough’. Believe me, in the long run it is totally worth it!


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