The Referendum’s Aftermath has Shown Up the SNP

Picture by Chris Watt 07887 554 193 Scotlands First Minister Alex Salmond and Depute First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, at the launch of Choosing Scotland's Future - a White Paper on a possible independence referendum.

More people in Scotland voted against independence than anything else in the history of Scotland. It isn’t just that the SNP refuse to accept this as an observation of fact, it’s that they cannot differentiate pseudo-nationality from political ideologue. To be SNP is to be Scottish, to be Scottish is to be SNP – or at least in the minds of these fanatics.

There is no longer a Scottish executive for the Scottish people, there is only a Scottish executive for the SNP’s party-interest. The UK government is a prime example of what we should have.

The UK government backed remaining in the European Union. The government used their resources to campaign for a Remain vote and sent us all literature to tell us why they thought it was in the country’s best interests to Remain. Whatever your thoughts on the issue, the UK government set out what they thought was in the best interests of the country and when they lost they made clear the result would be honoured and we will make a success of it.

The idea that Prime Minister May would spend two years grieving and threatening another referendum would be inconceivable. It would be unimaginable that the UK government would offer free university tuition to the larger amount of people outside the EU in spite of the smaller amount in the EU, all at the expense of the tax payer.

We are a union making one nation, from the Shetland Islands to the Isle of Scilly and Gibraltar to the Falklands. 65,000,000 people making up one of the largest economies in the world, the 4th largest military power, a member of the G8, the G20, the UN security council, the longest and closest ally of the worlds superpower. Why isn’t it obvious that faux-independence was rejected not because of words spoken by former chancellor Alistair Darling or former Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy but because we are better united as one nation than separated into uncertainty?

The Scottish First Minister and the SNP’s UK parliamentary leader, Angus Robertson, reiterate on a regular basis: “Scottish voted to remain in the European Union” – this isn’t strictly true. Scotland was never mentioned on the ballot paper in June. It was the United Kingdom. Geographic proximity didn’t matter when we went to vote. How did the UK manage to secure a Leave vote? It was thanks to Scotland and Northern Ireland. Leave won by majority of 1,269,501. In Scotland 1,018,322 voted to Leave and in Northern Ireland, 349,442 – combined make up 1,367,765. Voting as one United Kingdom, one nation. A decision was made.

Aforementioned is faux-independence. If the SNP had their way and it was time for Scotland to be independent. The central bank would be… the bank of England, not the bank of Scotland. The supreme court… Luxembourg, not Edinburgh The legislature… Brussels, not Holyrood. All the attributes of a self-governing Scotland would be exactly as they are now.

If the SNP do want to shake off the accusations of Anglophobia, the best thing they could do is come up with a plan to make Scotland independent, and if that is undeliverable (which it is), they should get on with doing the work that a devolved executive is supposed to do.

Now that the ship has sailed, we can repatriate powers from Brussels to London and then devolve from Parliament to assemblies and begin strengthening local authorities with tax and minor legislative abilities.


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