The Sinister Mr. Galloway


With his shameless antics in the Big Brother house, his vile pro-Islamist propaganda, his incessant support for dictators and the methods they use to stay in power, George Galloway is one of the most reprehensible men currently on the political scene in Britain today. This article aims to explain why.

Politics today is all about image, and what better way to enhance an image than to have a good message? In the past such ideals would be noble, but now it appears that the causes of the past are being replaced by the appearance of positive supporters, which are supposed to symbolise the inherent goodness of certain candidates by association. These groups can often be seen in people who tick certain boxes. It is common in the media for hacks to witter on about ‘Political Correctness’, and although this is normally based more on prejudice than any real concern about the standard of discourse in Britain, they do, sometimes, have a point. It has been seen as indicative of a current trend towards pandering to cultural minorities.

We have already seen this in the wooing of Muslim voters, especially by tyrant-lovers such as George Galloway, and Ken Livingstone. It is sad when would-be MPs or mayoral candidates have to stoop to comic anti-Semitism to get their point across or to accusing the Labour choice for a Bradford West bye-election of not being: ‘a good Muslim’. Both of these socialist anachronisms have jobs with the Islamist ‘Press TV’ which is incidentally funded by the government of Iran.

A former socialist turned Muslim demagogue, Galloway exemplifies what is wrong about his support. He is an arrogant, condescending rabble-rouser who seems to think eclectically selecting who it is right for his chosen causes to kill and maim makes him a moralist, his attempt to channel his Parliamentary allowances into the funds of the Miriam Appeal (his organisation to protest against the economic sanctions afflicting Iraq, which was also investigated by the Charities Commission due to being incorrectly defined; amid rumours of financial mismanagement on his part) was deemed to have gone ‘beyond what was reasonable’ by the Select Committee on Standards and Privileges: saying that he had been unwilling to co-operate with the commission and at the very best ‘turned a blind eye’ to the funding sources.

He has also been accused by the US Senate Committee of profiteering from the Oil for Food program set up in the aftermath of the First Gulf War.

This was not just an ordinary level of corruption on his part; it is a deliberate profiteering and pollicisation of a charitable cause. Galloway’s support for the worst monsters in the Arab world is legendary, but the sycophancy he showed in this desperate endeavour is the only thing which is nearly as sickening as his condoning of suicide attacks and massacres. He saluted Saddam Hussein for his ‘indefatigability’ as well as calling the oppressive Assad regime in Syria ‘the last castle of Arab dignity’.

This perfectly illustrates the point made by the late Christopher Hitchens in their debate on the Iraq War in 2006: ‘His search for a tyrannical fatherland never ends’. He also has the disgraceful record of unconditionally supporting the Palestinian cause, even if this manifests itself in praising suicide murderers and those who turn children into Jihadis (his support of terrorist groups were one of the reasons he was barred from entering Canada in 2009). He also, most recently, showed his racist side by refusing to debate an Israeli in Oxford last week.

He is a physical reminder of two ages, now thankfully passed. The first is the state socialism advocated by some of the autocrats at whose feet he has grovelled. The other is out of date by a good thousand years, and that is the ideology of the caliphate, and the theocrat. This pertaining to be the rule of a supreme being, all too easily denigrates into mean, squalid puritanism and the very human clamping down on personal freedoms.

He is so dated that he is even repeating himself. He has used the ‘three buttocked backside’ jibe regularly to describe the only political parties capable of running the country. Even his once famed rhetorical flourishes are stale! Not to mention his outdated political views, and Neolithic attitude towards women. The incident only last year, when he stood up for Julian Assange by questioning the very definition of rape was one such example. His intervention was even criticised by the head of his party, who said that his comments were ‘deeply disappointing and wrong’.

His only real use on the current political scene is the focus for subversion and Muslim anger. The irony is that while he is happy to make political capital out of his support of Islamic extremists in Hamas and Hezbollah, he does even not have the courage to say whether he is or is not a Muslim. He drops hints, and criticised the Labour candidate in the Bradford bye-election for what he perceived to be ‘non-Muslim’ activities, such as drinking alcohol. These allegations were vigorously denied by the man in question, and described as ‘libellous’ by Andrew Gilligan, who also said that some Galloway leaflets were ‘in breach of electoral law’.

It is highly ironic that he is the new figure of rebellion against the current political class, when he is a physical reminder of the bad old days of nationalised industries and fiery Leftish demagogues with their narcissistic use of the very people they derive their support from to become even more self-aggrandising. He was a washed up has-been even before he was expelled from the Labour Party in 2003.

He is now back, with an evil intention; as the conduit of angry Fascist voices into the Mother of Parliaments, his sinister visions should be resisted, and he should be shamed as the associate of all that fights to bring down our democracy and our freedom. His existence in the House of Commons chamber is (while rare) a disgrace. The Prime Minister summed it up well when he said: ‘wherever there is a brutal Arab dictator in the world, he will have the support of the honourable gentleman’.




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