Old Holborn: The Untouchables in Public Office

As a middle aged man who lived in Germany during the late 80’s and 90’s, I saw first hand the grasping reach of the East German State into the lives of the citizens it controlled ruthlessly. I deconstructed the methods the State used to coerce, silence and manipulate the populace for the greater good of the Glorious Party and the Politburo. As their citizens poured over the now porous wall, the world soon learned how an elite cabal ran the country as a feudal fiefdom for their own benefit, enjoying the very finest the West had to offer whilst the populace were plied with cheap vodka and Olympic heroes celebrating the Gold medals.

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Threats of imprisonment, withdrawal of benefits, internal exile, blocked career choices, restricted freedoms and rights ensured that the only path to wealth and privilege was to tow the party line, excel in the vision of suppressing any dissent and a blind obedience to the Officers of the State, who had earned their positions through blackmail, intimidation and sheer terror.

Compare and contrast if you will, the current state of our Political and Public Sector elite. Over half of our elected representatives in Westminster were found to have helped themselves to excessive expenses, our scandal hit Parliament is still slowly leaking tales of lobbying corruption, our “great and good” are thoroughly up for sale, safe in the knowledge that they have become untouchable. Sure, a few of them will face party expulsion or a fleeting visit from our equally corrupt Police and Press, but in the great scheme, they are no more held to account by us than the army of Stasi informants was held to account for subjugating an entire population.

None of our public services faces deeper scrutiny. The army of Fabian trained civil servants, freshly graduated from Common Purpose training schemes greasily poured into office by a wave of fresh faced Politicians sees Party devotees promoted to the highest realms of public office, then quietly pensioned off to Dachas in the countryside with gold plated pensions when their political meddling causes real deaths and outrage. The NHS, the BBC, the Education system, full to the brim of those who would be socialist Politicians, yet safe in the knowledge that the Party mechanism will protect them from those they were supposed to serve.

The time has come, just as it did for the Soviet states, to disestablish the Party from the State. Too many times we have funded the profligate spending and pledges from those who only exist to redistribute our wealth and control our lives – whether it be through Parliament or the bloated State. Over 5 million State employees, yet the Generals heading up the Politburo can never be held to account – not through the ballot box, not by legitimate protest and not through the hopelessly corrupt justice system geared to protect those in high office. We have become what the last generation of Politicians warned us about: Hopeless drones, accepting orders from those who can control every aspect of our pitiful lives – “Papers, please, citizen, free turnips for all.”

Brazil and Turkey have woken up to their ever-decreasing freedoms and ever more corrupt and authoritarian Governments – so much for the emerging democracies. Whilst they demand the right to live how they see fit, we continue with our ridiculous charade of having won the Cold War, having the freedom of speech and of being represented in Parliament. We are not. Our masters are selling us to the highest bidders whilst growing fat at the trough of crony Capitalism, favoured elitism and ever growing taxation. Their solution is yet more legislation and surveillance of the population – just as it was in the Soviet Republics but without the free housing, education, health, jobs for life and pensions that could bribe the people into grudging compliance. Instead, we are being charged hand over fist for the indignation of being treated like fools – the star performers are laughing at us like Victorian curiosities in a Freak Show.

The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the State. In 2010, the 646 in Westminster were churning out new laws at the rate of 13.8 PER DAY and this has not decreased under the current crop of gutless authoritarians who have no interest in you, just your ability to conform and “pay your way”.

Well, enough is enough. The system is now so bloated and corrupt, our elites so well entrenched in their positions of power and privilege that no political party or politician is going to change a damn thing. Just like the East Germans, we are going to have to set aside their promises, their bread and circuses and take matters into our own hands – for the sake of all of our children.


  1. Awesome article.

    I hope one day that voters stop worshiping authority and wake up to the fact that the state isn’t a charity.

  2. Excellent article. I think things will only get worse whilst democracy erodes liberty.

    The liberties that allowed for free exchange and accumulation of productive capital that in turn led to the industrial revolution, have enabled the voting many to live off the productive few.

    The revolting voting ignorant masses worship democracy and have no idea about liberty (freedom from X – not freedom to do X). The Enlightenment is failing.

  3. OH: not one Stasi member (most East Germans were Stasi) was ever convicted of any crimes, when the wall came down they just spread their network across the EU and used Common Purpose as their platform of influence in Western EU states, such as the UK.

  4. Spot on – the Soviet parallel is unerring! Only comment I would take issue with is widespread corruption of the press. A free press was all we had left but Cameron, Harman & Co in league with Leveson, Hacked Off et al are doing their damnedest to get rid of that.


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