The wacky economics of the left, and John Mcdonnell MP.


In the Dorset Eye, John Mcdonnell MP lays out a “clear statement” on the alternative to austerity.

Here is the (unique) plan:


a wealth tax on the richest 10%,

a Robin Hood tax on financial transactions,

a Land Value tax,

the restoration of progressive income tax of 60% on incomes above £100,000 

and a clamp down on the tax evasion and avoidance that is costing us £95 billion a year.

Investing the resources released can halt the spiral of decline.


If you were planning on travelling to Cloud Cuckooland don’t bother, as it is currently densely overpopulated by left wing British politicians; we are not sure if there is much space left!


Catch his piece in full here


  1. Politics of envy, that is all that is.
    The UK has a highly progressive tax system. The poor pay a very small percentage of their income. The rich pay a lot. In many different ways.
    This idiot doesn’t realise that high earners create wealth for the whole of society and that most of them are very mobile. They can choose were to live and pay their taxes.


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