Tim Burton 30 years on

Charlie Granby,

Many of you will have recognised Tim Burton as an iconic director, actor, producer and writer who is renowned for his quirky, gothic horror style movies, such as Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleetstreet, and of course, Corpse Bride.

Like many others of our esteemed film directors of today, Burton began making short films at just thirteen years old! ‘The Island of Doctor Agor’ saw a young Tim directing and starring in the animated film after he completed the script himself!

Burton’s career in dark filmmaking, however, does not stop there. Many of his movies have been huge blockbusters, such as Planet of the Apes, Batman Returns and Alice In Wonderland, to name but a few.

2012 marks not only the end of the world but Burton’s 30th anniversary within the film industry, and an actor who can also revel in the celebrations is the ever so handsome, Johnny Depp. The pair have had their names plastered on billboards and movie posters featuring all but two of the titles I listed above, and of course, many more.

Moreover, not only has this year brought jubilations into the Burton household, it has also showcased the recent release of his adaption of his own 1984 version of Frankenweenie.

The story follows a little boy whose beloved pet dog dies, causing him to go to extreme measures to bring him back to life resulting in some unexpected and perhaps, monstrous turns. Predictably making heads spin. Another of Burton’s films which could be related to Frankenweenie is Edward Scissorhands, due to the patchy similarities in their plot lines.

Burton’s continuing theme of gothic visualisation and recurring collaborations with Johnny Depp and his domestic partner, Helena Bonham-Carter, has also seen his Spielberg-esq approach in using the same composer for his film scores; Danny Elfman. Elfman composed the score for Tim’s very first, adventure comedy feature film, ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’.

I highly admire Tim Burton and his works and I’d recommend any of his films to anyone. Who knows, in another thirty years time I’ll write another article on his 60th anniversary!


  1. Burton isn’t afraid of being unusual. There is something unmistakable about his films…you’d know it was by Burton even if nobody told you. I love the gothic visualization. It might be nice to see him work with other actors though, besides Johnny Depp. I remember Ricky Gervais making a quip about Burton films always including Depp and Bonham-Carter.


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