The timely end of BigGov


Slowly, but surely, it’s all coming undone. I’m not talking the stitching on Jo Brands tent, but our reliance on Big Government to solve all our problems. Since the end of the Second World War, citizens have either clamoured voluntarily (or been forced through the barrel of a gun) to rely ever more heavily on the vast machinery of BigGov  to make sense and order of their complicated lives. From the bombed out wastelands of the East End to the vast collective farms of the Ukraine, career politicians scrambled to offer “solutions” and “security” – all naturally using our labour or the future labour of our children to fund it through forced taxation.

The Collective became the norm and Central Committees to run them became ersatz regimes, packed to the brim with career authoritarians issuing their diktats to an ever more grateful populace, happy to hand over what liberties they had just fought for on the promise of never having to do it again. National Health Services, Comprehensive Education, The Welfare State, The EU – growing from reassuring pubescent pimples on the chins of growing adolescents wanting to grow up into the huge life sucking tumours that now dominate our everyday lives. Regulating, licensing , measuring, monitoring, inspecting and most of all dominating the very world around us, including our rights to our own privacy and freedom. The Collective is what matters most, not the people it was created to serve. A hospital is free to kill patients through incompetence because “lessons will be learned” for the next generation of involuntary clients already queuing at the doors. Wars can be waged on the premise of securing our freedoms whilst jailing those who dare to question the motives of such authority. Autonomy relabeled as dissent, independence and self reliance rewritten as selfishness, non cooperation affirmed as treason and self will declared as non conducive to the greater good (of the collective, of course). Doubleplus Good.

And then some damn fool invented the Internet.

Well, the buttons on Jo Brand’s cast offs are popping all over the planet – Syria, Thailand, Venezuela, Ukraine. Normal human beings are doing what was until recently thought impossible. They are thinking for themselves, organising themselves, educating themselves – and it’s going to get ugly.

In our pockets, we hold the keys to a new way of living. What once required a trip to the library, now merely requires a connection to Google. Drink a coffee and chances are you’ll be connecting with hundreds if not thousands of others online – disseminating information and opinion – all craftfully tailored to your specific needs. No more need to tune in to the State sponsored two minute hate on the evenings (licenced and regulated) telemonitor – no more need to read the State licenced and regulated rantings of the Press Barons appeasing their masters in Parliament. All at the click of a button. Education? Free. Health advice? Pensions planning or self employment? Everything you need to survive without BigGov is now within your grasp.

The Collective is not happy, not happy at all. After all, if given the choice not to pay for the spare bedroom of some unemployable wastrel to grow his weed in, what functioning free thinking individual is going to consent to footing the bill? The Collective is angry, because it can smell the pungent odour of it’s own death. The individual is suddenly very aware of the haggard wizard of Oz behind the curtain, frantically pulling the levers of the Big State.


We’re living in dangerous times, of that you can be sure. Eye watering fortunes are to be made by those who promise us the Earth whilst taxing us into slavery to pay for it all. A quick glance at the monstrous Palaces of deposed Slavic politicians shows us that and they’ll happily shoot us all to protect us from our own delusions of autonomy and maintain their grasp on the levers and bank balances of BigGov

Time’s up, guys. We’ve seen global corporations wither and die due to lack of innovation or the ability to adapt to what the customer demands, replaced by a plethora of start ups eager to service the needs of the Individual. We’re watching the revolution of the Self, no longer constrained by lack of power or knowledge, no longer willing to hand over his hard won earnings to a Committee to spend as they see fit. We’re witnessing the end of civilisation as we have known it for the past 70 years and the dawn of the age of self-reliance and responsibility, direct democracy and freedom to choose. The bigger the beast, the harder they fall – stand well clear now, this could get nasty but I assure you, like children fleeing a tyrannical and violent Stepfather, you’ll wonder why you ever stayed so long in the protected bosom of a tyrant. Just don’t follow the Yellow Brick Road.


  1. I have to disagree. I don’t think the masses are waking up. I think they are merely following the current trend to be “cool” and hate on the government. After all if they were truly trying to break away and were thinking about what they were doing they’d realize the dangers they were in. They attack the NSA for their surveillance but then they live under google’s control. Google reads their email and determines what they do and don’t want to see. It controls what search results they have. It knows all the websites their visit and for how long. It tailors ads to you. It controls your phone and all the data in it. It controls what apps you put on your phone. google desktop knows all t he files you have on the pc. Google drive stores your important documents. Google docs has copies of the stuff you open and write. Picassa has all your images. It controls what you see on youtube. etc. And that’s just 1 corporation that is already nearly more powerful than the government. Hell with it’s army of lobbyists it practically runs the government. It will soon be driving your car. It’s now buying up robotics factories and sensor shops, photographing streets and buildings from the air with it’s fleet of drones. It’s even getting people to carry camera backpacks up footpaths where it’s car fleet couldn’t get. Yet nobody is even blinking at google. If you’ve ever seen continuum I can see that future happening where google is sadtech.


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