Tories and Labour tied in latest Ipsos MORI Poll


CON 33 (+1); LAB 33 (-2); LIB DEM 7 (-1); UKIP 13 (+1)

The Ipsos MORI Political Monitor for August shows that support for the Conservatives and Labour is level at 33% if a General Election were to be called tomorrow. This is the first time since October 2013 that support for both parties has been evenly pegged.

This survey also asked participants which party they would vote for with Boris Johnson, Theresa May or George Osborne as Conservative leader, whilst all other leaders remained the same.

The poll found that Boris Johnson could make the biggest potential difference to the Conservative vote if he was leading the party. Ipsos MORI’s results show that Mr Johnson makes a significant change in voting intentions by bringing the Conservative vote to 39%, compared with Theresa May at 32%, and George Osborne at 29%. The findings also show that hypothetically, if George Osborne were to run as Tory leader in a General Election tomorrow, Labour support would increase to 38%.

According to these results, Boris Johnson’s support is broad, but also divisive. Mr Johnson attracts support across the electoral field, taking one fifth of the Liberal Democrat and UKIP voters (21% and 22% respectively) and also 11% of Labour voters. However Mr Johnson does also have his critics, and according to this research, 15% of Conservative voters say they would support another party under Johnson’s leadership.


  1. I despair to see UK politics follow the US way of having it personalized by putting up a charismatic leader. Surely we should vote on policies and the specific MP rather than the leader?

  2. I’m not surprised for the strange feedback on Boris. I’m personally turned off politically by him. He doesn’t seem like a leader to me and I’m not sure he’d be taken seriously.


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