Tory MEP Expenses Cheat Switches to UKIP

Den Dover is a former Tory MEP who was forced to pay back hundreds of thousands of pounds in expenses. Mr Dover’s expulsion was personally ordered by David Cameron and his offences were originally reported by a jubilant UKIP.

Imagine Milton’s surprise when a ‘Densmore Dover’ appeared on the UKIP South East speaking list and took part in the South East UKIP MEP hustings.


Nigel Farage was caught boasting about his large expenses bill, while UKIP MEP Tom Wise was jailed for expenses fraud.

Other notable disgraced Tories who are now running for UKIP include Neil Hamilton, who was reported to have been heavily implicated in the cash for questions scandal.

When UKIP urged Tories to ‘come home’ Milton didn’t think they meant it quite like this…


(With thanks to @LiterallyLowe for his work)


  1. UKIP seem to have a problem with bringing on board, the same people that people want rid of, it’s almost as though they think things will be different, with the same corrupt traitors in charge, just wearing different coloured ties!


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