Treason of the highest order

The new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said time and time again that we will leave the EU on October 31st come what may. Deal or No Deal, we will leave. Finally someone in No.10 that is actually pushing on with Brexit without dithering or hesitation. And the Remain MPs have gone absolutely bananas. Going into full on Orwellian screech mode, they now dub the Government as a bully and describe the implementation of a democratic vote as a ‘coup’. Although many of them find it so easy to protest during working hours, they can’t agree whether it’s ‘coupe’, ‘coop’ or ‘coup’ as evidenced on Twitter. Much like Labour, they can’t even agree on the basics of their position.

Boris also made it clear that No Deal is a very real prospect by asking Her Majesty the Queen to prorogue Parliament and make way for a new Queen’s Speech. This means that a new session of Parliament will begin with a new order paper and new Government agenda. Of course the constitutionally inept howled like stuck pigs as they demanded to continue the same session – which is the longest in 400 years – and not allow the Government to move ahead with it’s domestic policies. They cried for more time to debate Brexit and impacts of a No Deal. Well sorry not sorry, they’ve had three years to debate, enough stalling, let’s get on with it. As a side note, they will have ample time to debate, the Parliament will only be away for 4 days; presumably October 10, 11, 12 and 13. 

However, I believe proroguing Parliament won’t do anything advantageous for the Government. Let’s face it, the domestic agenda isn’t worth anything if Brexit isn’t done right. We know this from the May era – although her domestic agenda was piss poor as well. I believe the only way to get a proper Brexit is to have the numbers in Parliament. Thus, a General Election is the only way to achieve this. It comes down to phalanx warfare in the Commons. You simply need more MPs to lock shields and push the enemy off the battlefield. Well, not just numbers but hoplites who believe in delivering the manifesto pledges.

Yesterday the opposition’s Hillary Benn brought forth a motion that would tear sovereignty away from Parliament by grabbing the order paper out of the hands of the Government. This would not be to create a void, oh no. They instead placed in the motion a very clear prerogative that would hand this precious power of our democracy by consent to the EU. This is being done because Boris has listened to the country at large, the membership and the hound dog breathing down his neck that is the Brexit Party and made No Deal a real possibility. 

The motion was passed with 328 votes for and 301 vote against.The usual suspects voted against their own Party and Government. Wets like Grieve, Stewart, Soames, Gauke, Hammond, Letwin and Clarke etc. The elected Government has had the power to govern ripped away. Yes, you read that right. The Remain MPs have just voted to gut our democracy and hand it over to Brussels. Treason of the highest order. 

Boris did two things immediately in reaction. The Government has now tabled a motion under the Fixed Term Parliament Act that will seek a snap General Election. Labour and the opposition parties are frightened of this because they know the people of this nation want Brexit. The Tories have had a new leader for barely a month and already we have a 10-point lead in the polls. In quite an astonishing admittance of cowardice, Corbyn says he will vote against any motion that will seek a General Election. Laughable in every sense, the MPs fighting against the Government don’t want to try and take it’s place. Literally, running scared from a democratic vote. I sense a trend here. 

The second thing Boris did was to remove the whip from the 21 treacherous Wets. All of them have been deselected. This should have happened two bloody years ago, but better late than never. Other Wets have left of their own accord and joined their true calling in the Lib-Dems because Anna Soubry’s drunk-bus-to-nowhere circus act as the Independent Group, has vanished into irrelevance. The majority of the Tory Membership is rejoicing at this news as for too many decades, the Wets have fought openly against Conservative convictions. With the ousting of Theresa May and now a slow but steady clearout of the europhiles, we may somewhat clean off the shame that Thatcher’s ousting has left on us.

So what happens next? Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act a vote of no confidence in the Government is only successful if two-thirds of the House vote in favour of it. Since the opposition have said they won’t do this, Boris will have to do something bizarre. He will have to declare no confidence in himself and resign as Prime Minister. That gives the Commons 14 days to assemble a Government and vote it into power. As the Government has lost its majority this makes things tricky. What Boris needs to do now is work with local associations and quickly  fill those now empty 21 Tory seats with Brexiteers. This would give him even numbers as Wet defections over the weeks have reduced our numbers. In fact in the morning Phillip Lee walked across the floor and joined – you guessed it – the Lib-Dems. The Party will then be whipped to vote against any formation of an interim Government. Labour Leavers like Kate Hoey and John Mann would almost certainly abstain or vote against any Government that tries to form as well .If we survive the 14 days and the opposition cannot form a Government, then a General Election occurs. 

The polls show Brexit and No Deal are welcomed by the majority of the electorate. Ratings for Johnson are clearly in his favour against Corbyn. The blessed thorn in our backside is the Brexit Party. Nigel Farage has reservations about Boris, as do I. Boris should have dropped May’s Withdrawal Agreement and gone with the Davis and Baker CETA+++ White Paper which would deliver a Clean Brexit. However Boris seems to think just getting rid of the backstop would suffice. I’m telling you now, it won’t. May’s surrender document has many other warts and cysts full of vomit-inducing puss. For one, we’ll be paying for and joining parts of the EU Army. We also give the EU £39 billion regardless of a deal or not. If Boris is to win the election he needs to drop the May Withdrawal Agreement completely.

Otherwise I see the Brexit Party fighting us tooth and nail and splitting the Brexit vote, which could allow Labour to get through on it’s own or with a Lib-Dem coalition. On the other hand the Tories might have to form a coalition with the Brexit Party which many Brexiteers wouldn’t mind at all. But the damage to our reputation as the party of governance and loyalty to the British people cannot sustain another blow. We must not return to death’s door having only just barely limped away from it. To win outright Boris must commit to the CETA+++ White Paper and No Deal. 

Either way, get your campaigning boots on. 


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