Trump Wins: The backlash to PC culture is here

Well, it looks like Donald Trump has clinched it. So, how? How did America’s answer to Sir Philip Green – a dodgy tycoon-come-reality-TV-star who is completely inexperienced in politics and entirely lacking in the delicacy needed to become a head of state – manage to trump such an experienced stateswomen to the top position? No pun intended.

Of course, there will have been many issues at play here, not least Hillary’s unpopularity. But I believe a large part of the answer lies in the hubris of the social justice left, the mainstream media which tends to lean towards it, and their obsession with political correctness. I am in good company – the makers of South Park seem to agree.

This election was divisive in an unhealthy way. As a general rule, Trump was supported by men, Hillary by women. For years now the leftist ‘elites’ (if you want to call them that) have been busy making it ok to bash someone for being straight, white and male. Think about how all those low paid, non-graduate men in the rust belt must have felt – being told they are villains who are destroying the world when all they are doing is trying to support their families. Not to mention the hypocrisy and double standards when these same elites spend all day trying to bust the stereotypes surrounding women, non-whites and LGBT people.

The mainstream media made a huge mistake when they portrayed Trump supporters as violent Nazis, and at the same time failed to weave incident after incident after incident of people being physically attacked for supporting the Republican nominee into the same narrative. Just look at what happened in this social experiment:


But concern about the sense of righteous entitlement felt by some on the left to indulge in obscene and in many cases illegal behaviour just never emerged as a major issue for the country. It should have done.

With some justification, this is how Trump supporters feel:

Too many ordinary people were already annoyed by the left’s constant insistence that even a joke about dongles is evidence of sexism and patriarchal oppression. I really wonder how those committed to PC culture expect Joe Public to react when they make jokes like this:

Everyone understands it’s a joke. The problem is that it exposes team holier-than-thou as the world’s most bigoted hypocrites.

The same goes for Trump’s awful, crass language and behaviour. Calling a woman a fat pig does not mean that a person hates all women. Trump’s supporters know that. They also know nobody would conclude that misandry was the explanation if someone said the same thing to a man. But the media simply has no other vocabulary left to describe such incidents than that of sexism and oppression. What they needed to be focusing on is that these incidents demonstrated how Donald J. Trump is simply not equipped for politics on that level. He is totally lacking in delicacy, tact and grace. And, something that might have swung a large number of middle American Trump voters… he is no gentleman.

But the so-called progressive liberals are so far gone that they can only fall into apoplexy (literally) when someone disagrees with them. They have been congratulating themselves in their little hug boxes for so long that they forgot their theories don’t explain the problems of many ordinary people.

The best we can hope for in the next four years is that both parties will take the time to self reflect and genuinely consider why the other side finds them so repulsive. Given their behaviour over the past few months though it is likely that such maturity will not be forthcoming.




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